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Mike Hourigan

Mike Hourigan

Impactful, Funny & Memorable‎

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Fee Range: 5000-9999
  • In demand, refreshingly unique speaker using humor and real-world insight to empower organizations facing today’s complex business environment
  • Over 1,300 audiences engaged across the country, with companies and associations benefitting from programs fiercely customized to deliver the message each client wants
  • A former member of the management teams of Cargill Inc. and Olympus Corporation
  • Author of Riding the Waves Without Getting Wet: A Journey to Leadership and Motivational Selling
  • Client list includes top US companies like McDonald’s, Harley-Davidson, PwC, Disney, GE, Marriott, ExxonMobil, MillerCoors, Kaiser Permanente, and more

Mike Hourigan is a refreshingly unique keynote speaker and author who empowers the country’s top companies and professional associations to navigate constant change with real-world wisdom. A veteran leadership consultant and productivity expert, Mike is consistently sought after and hired by some of the most recognizable companies in the U.S., including McDonald’s, Harley-Davidson, PwC, Disney, GE, Marriott, ExxonMobil, MillerCoors and Kaiser Permanente.

Mike’s management and consulting experience fuels his development of completely kinetic approaches to change management, negotiation for sales and non-sales teams, team building in a multigenerational workplace, and safety training. With a style that engages listeners in a way that’s meaningful to them and their company culture, Mike rarely gives his audiences a moment between laughs.

A former member of the management teams of Cargill Inc. and Olympus Corporation, Mike has offered over 1,300 audiences-and-counting the benefit of lessons learned during his corporate career. A seasoned author and co-author, his books include Riding the Waves Without Getting Wet: A Journey to Leadership and Motivational Selling.

As one of the top keynote speakers in the United States, Mike’s comprehensive business knowledge stands ready to address the key issues that affect companies most. From the growing need for soft skills training and interpersonal communications, to the subtle nuances of conducting business in a global economy, Mike Hourigan continues to lead the industry in customized, dynamic presentations that direct executives and entire companies toward real, lasting change.

Safety – Don’t take it personally. Take it VERY personally! (workplace safety)

From the machine operator to the corner office to the lobby receptionist, safety is everyone’s responsibility. Nurturing a culture of safety can be difficult when demands on time and people increase, but it can be done if you are communicating the right way. Most safety audits reveal communication issues or lack of communication was the issue to blame for the incident. Safety should never be about the blame game, but is all about the communications game, and if played well, everyone wins.

Get your team thinking “Safety First” before another day goes by!

Everyone will gain insight on:
• How workplace safety affects their family
• How their personal safety practices can protect their co-workers
• The impact of individual safety actions, or inaction, on the company’s security (or bottom line or profitability or future)
• What it really mean to practice – “I got your back whether you like it or not”
• Getting new hires (and those set-in-their-ways) on the Safety Team!

Ride the Waves Without Getting Wet: Getting Through Change Faster with Less Disaster (change management)

Success is a moving target, so change is inevitable. Organizations and their employees must adapt and change to survive and thrive. It is possible. Mike Hourigan brings his real-world expertise to the topic of Change Management to help you and your organization find ways to weather a changing workplace and even flourish!

After Mike’s presentation, you will be better able to recognize, predict and plan for change. Managers will have the tools they need to motivate teams, and stay motivated themselves, rather than dread new initiatives.

Here are only a few of the many takeaways you can expect:

• Uncover the Five Truths about change
• Gain insight into what people fear most about change
• Learn how to keep your best people during change
• Find out how to become “change resilient” personally and professionally
• Reduce change-generated conflict between coworkers and teams
• Discover where to find support during change – it might surprise you!

Let’s Not Split the Difference – Negotiation Skills for Professionals (negotiation)

When it comes to negotiation, all people are created equal, but it is the people who understand the negotiation process and practice it who win! In his negotiation program, Mike Hourigan will demystify this process and guarantees everyone will leave with the skills necessary to enter their next negotiation from a position of strength and get what they want. Don’t miss Mike’s fun, funny and factual program designed to improve your sales and negotiation results.

Don’t buy another piece of office equipment, technology, a car or a house without attending this program.

In what ways will your and your team’s negotiation skills be improved?

• Learn ways to be less intimidated when approaching a negotiation
• Discover how to use professional negotiation tactics in everyday situations
• Gain insight on how to diffuse some of the nasty tricks other negotiators play
• Understand the four components of the negotiation process
• Get instructions on how to prepare for a negotiation and present from a position of strength
• And more!

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