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Mark Denton

Helping Organizations Reshape Their Culture and Improve Their Resilience

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  • International award-winning speaker and expert on Leadership and Teamwork in turbulent times
  • Led a diverse amateur team to success in the world’s toughest round-the-world yacht race
  • Impactful and immersive multi-media format combined with the most compelling narrative and key learning

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Mark Denton is a leadership expert and celebrated keynote speaker, with vast experience navigating turbulent waters. In his professional sailing career, he’s competed in countless races and sailed over 80,000 miles across the worlds’ most hostile oceans. The pinnacle of this was leading an amateur team to success in the BT Global Challenge round the world yacht race, dubbed ‘the world’s’ toughest’.

But Mark also draws on 20+ years of consulting with some of the worlds’ greatest organizations, helping to reshape their cultures and improve their resilience to deliver better, faster, and more sustainably, especially in times of disruption and change. He’s also a sought-after and accredited Executive and Team coach, and a non-executive director to two fast-growing start-ups.

It’s the unique combination of this experience that’s encapsulated in ‘Navigate the Storm’ and led to Mark winning a coveted IVCA Gold Award for this groundbreaking real-life multi-media case study. Consequently, he has spoken at thousands of events in over 31 countries, achieving consistent 5-star reviews from all who have been educated and enthralled. Mark’s message that “ordinary people can do extraordinary things” resonates across all industries, having spoken to more than 30,000 leaders from all areas of business including finance/banking, engineering, construction, automotive, oil & gas, and many more



Feeling safe is an innate human prerequisite that has literally allowed us to evolve as a species. And our whole bodies are designed to seek this on three fronts; physically, emotionally, and psychologically. And only when we feel safe within these can we thrive. If anyone is threatened, then our focus is on protecting ourselves rather than taking the calculated risks necessary to advance ourselves and our cause. So creating a culture where people feel safe to perform is crucial, especially if the environment we are in is a challenging one.

Next up is the importance of doing all we can to help people be happy. Because happy people and teams are more productive, have more staying power, are more compassionate, and easier to work with and within. There are some key things we need in order to be happy at work. Feeling included and valued for instance. Being motivated by our work, its purpose, and its rewards. Having the opportunity to be stretched, give our all, realize our dreams and be the best that we can be. So creating a culture where these factors are ever-present is also crucial.

And lastly the undeniable factor of the need to be Fast. Fast in terms of a clear focus on the destination to ensure the straightest course. Fast in terms of efficiency of the operation, in order to optimize the result. Fast in terms of agility, to rapidly innovate and change, when challenges demand the need. Why is it the last word? Because slow boats never win, not on the ocean and never in business, a fact that has been further magnified by the highly competitive, constantly changing, volatile world of today where speed and agility are everything.

Navigate the Storm MasterClass Immersive Learning

Looking for all the great learning from the Navigate the Storm keynote speech but in a more immersive and interactive format? Welcome to the Masterclass! This half or one-day virtual or face-to-face workshop deepens the learning and application of Mark’s award-winning Safe, Happy, and Fast methodology, by challenging delegates with many of the dilemmas Mark and his team faced. And as these mirror many of the key challenges facing business today, delegates can put what they’ve learned into practice the very next day!

Masterclasses blend Mark’s rich narrative, insight, stunning video, and images with interactive breakout sessions in teams to bring the learning alive. But not only that, each breakout is judged and scored against a model answer, pitting team against team in their own virtual race around the world! So not only are they learning about the challenges of leadership and teamwork, they’re also experiencing it for themselves!

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