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Finnian Kelly

Reimagine the Future of Work

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Fee Range: 10000-19999
  • Featured on National Geographic’s documentary, Undercover Angel, funding a family education center for the Roma community
  • HayHouse author in contract
  • Intentionality expert
  • Top human transformation coach for successful entrepreneurs and high performing leaders
  • YPO certified forum facilitator
  • EO ex-president, member for 10 years, and strategy summit facilitator
  • Grown and sold 3 multi-million-dollar businesses
  • Seven years as an Army Officer in the Australian Army, attended the Royal Military College of Duntroon
  • Multiple entrepreneurial award winner including National Young Leader of the year and three time Top 30 under 30 in Australia

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A seasoned leadership coach behind business, finance, non-profit, military, and spiritual leaders across the globe, Finnian helps companies, organizations, and individuals unlock the power of Intentionality in solving some of the world’s greatest challenges. By combining his passions for data, science, and psychology, Finnian uses a hands-on, immersive approach for moving people from a place of disempowerment to one of clarity, confidence, and meaningful contribution. Finnian is an expert in human and organizational transformation and a master of a number of modalities including: energy interventions, breathwork, meditation, entrepreneurial coaching, movement and emotional clearing. Finnian has a Masters of Science in Positive Psychology and Applied Coaching and degrees in maths, physics, teaching, finance and leadership. Finnian’s work with individuals, teams, organizations, and underprivileged communities has been featured on National Geographic’s Undercover Angel, Business Insider, Forbes, Sky Business, ABC, Smart Company, and more.

Reimagining the Future of Work: Artificial Intelligence, Affective Labor, and the Power of Intentionality

Deep fakes. Chat GPT. Autonomous labor. Whether humanity will be surpassed by our own innovations is an emerging 21st century challenge that has reignited the economy and culture of fear. What can affective realism, affective labor, and most importantly, Intentionality, teach us about evading the singularity and embracing a future of feeling? Created by internationally renowned speaker, seasoned leadership expert, and author Finnian Kelly, Intentionality is a transformational methodology and set of principles designed to help people break the cycles of self sabotage, harness the power of the present, and consciously create a work-life balance that serves the individual and the collective. Kelly presents his science and psychology based approach for reclaiming feelings as our greatest assets and the key to lasting leadership.

~Learn team building tips for conscious creation in the workplace.
~Discover the power of breath practice in developing a cohesive, confident team.
~Learn to align your subconscious and conscious minds to better navigate the challenges at the intersection of humanity and technology.
~Receive a tool kit for implementing Intentionality in your everyday life.

The Power of Intentionality: Unlocking the Principles of Life’s Greatest Loophole

From companies and organizations, to relationships and individuals, negative belief loops undermine human potential and ultimately leave us feeling disempowered and unfulfilled. An internationally renowned speaker, seasoned leadership expert and author Finnian Kelly makes the case for Intentionality, a transformational methodology and set of principles designed to help people break the cycles of self sabotage and harness the power of the present. With his singular, innovative, and principled approach Kelly uses science and psychology to explore how we can abandon mediocre precedents, crack the elusive codes of social conditioning, and effectively create and sustain extraordinary lives.

~Master the five principles of Intentionality and explore their real world applications.
~Uncover your negative belief loops and learn how to recode your subconscious mind.
~Discover the power of breath practice for creating positive belief loops.
~Receive a tool kit for implementing Intentionality in your everyday life.

Intentionality: A Feelings First Approach to Living and Leadership

In business, emotion is often positioned as a risk to an organization’s bottom line. But tackling crises under the antiquated premise that feelings are financial liabilities can inadvertently reinforce corporate amnesia and negative belief loops, and subsequently a negative bottom line. Internationally renowned speaker, seasoned leadership expert, and author Finnian Kelly paints a whole new picture of what’s possible when we reclaim feelings as our greatest organizational and individual assets. With Intentionality, a feelings first approach for enjoying fulfilling careers and thriving relationships, Kelly teaches us how to live and lead by looking inward. ~Explore how embracing the concept of ‘feeling before healing’ can help pave the path to success. ~Unpack the differences in emotion and feeling and learn how to live and lead by effectively tapping the connection between the two.

~Learn simple breath practices for letting go, accessing your truest nature, and leading with authenticity.
~Receive a tool kit for implementing Intentionality in your everyday life.

Conscious Creation: Three Ways to Recoding Your Extraordinary Life

Human beings are hardwired to run the hamster wheel of bad habits. We are coded to believe the wisdom of the crowd and to fall in line instead of freeing ourselves of inherited trauma, less than optimal decision-making, and half-hearted living. But why should we accept a limiting, codified existence, when we are all fully capable of a manual systems override? Internationally renowned speaker, seasoned leadership expert, and author Finnian Kelly teaches us how Intentionality, a powerful methodology rooted in repetition, energy interventions, and scientific manifestation, can move us from inspiration to transformation. With an in-depth exploration of the connections between the conscious and subconscious minds, Kelly empowers us to discover the benefits of breath for recoding, rebooting, and rebuilding an extraordinary life. ~Gain control of your consciousness and learn to align your subconscious and conscious mind.

~Learn simple breath practices for breaking bad habits and embracing the present.
~Explore the misconceptions around time and energy to optimize your quality of life.
~Receive a tool kit for implementing Intentionality in your everyday life.

SuperBowl champion
The event with Finnian Kelly was really incredible and transformative. I learned a lot about myself and I have become more conscious about my creations in both my personal and professional life. The takeaways he shared have helped me bring alive my vision and goals and are sustainable practices that I do daily. I credit Finnian for helping me live a life of Intentionality and now I am on a path that is fulfilling, empowering and beyond what I thought was possible!
Wall Street Journal Television
Intentionality is the helping hand we need to bridge the gap between our limiting beliefs and who we truly are. It is ultimately a spiritual journey of remembrance. Finnian Kelly not only lives by example, but he is one of the true teachers out there who gives an actionable program to your own path to self-realization. His methodology is helping people around the world develop internal resources that make every part of their lives better. His wisdom will help you develop yours. Knowing Finnian has made my life and work richer in every way. I am very excited for people everywhere that he was intuitive enough to find his calling, and to share it with such enthusiasm.
YPO Arizona
Finnian speaks with such authenticity, humility and vulnerability that it enables people to feel comfortable opening up and connecting on a deeper level. Finnian's vast array of life experiences in the army, as a financial expert, and now as an Intentionality guide brings a fresh perspective on how to approach life and navigate the challenges of being an entrepreneur and a leader. I highly recommend Finnian and can guarantee you will have exponential growth in your business, more love in your relationships and increased well being when you integrate his principles into your life.
EO Minnesota
My husband had spoken so highly of his experiences with Finnian and it was a pleasure to finally experience his methodology for myself! My biggest takeaway from the event was three-fold; the first being that I am usually rewarded when I intentionally go outside of my comfort zone, and surrender the control of my environment to have a new experience. Secondly, sharing these experiences with my husband always increases our feeling of connection and understanding of one another. Finally, we are implementing the Intentionality Communication Method in our office, and it has already helped create clearer conversations and avoid "problem dumping" with some team members. I am so grateful for this presentation and the takeaways it provided!
CEO MAVERRIK-North America
My biggest takeaway from attending the Intentionality event was we are more empowered than we realize to manage our feelings and emotions. We don’t have to let our emotions have free reign, Finnian shared tools and techniques to direct our energy to more satisfying results. I thoroughly enjoyed this event and was inspired to make changes in my daily life, adding in more Intentionality to achieve my desired state of feeling. I highly recommend Finnian for your next event!
CEO jive PR + Digital
I was introduced to Finnian through an entrepreneur friend who had seen him speak and raved about him. I didn't know what to expect, but I was blown away by his presentation. He was engaging and approachable and provided a lot of takeaway value. The best teachers are always the ones that make it the most simple. Finnian is an evolved entrepreneur who is helping to elevate human consciousness, he is exactly what the world needs right now.
Founder of the Abbi Agency
Finnian presented to the EO Reno-Tahoe Chapter and it was one of our chapter's highest rated events. Finnian has an amazing ability to calm a room and really teach individuals the importance of being intentional. His master of being intentional continues to inspire me to be a better person each and every day. I am grateful for the opportunity to know and learn from him!
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