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David Kidder

David Kidder

Ignite Growth In Your Business

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Fee Range: 10000-19999, 20000-39999
  • I have been a keynote speaker and facilitator for over a decade to executives, directors, and leadership teams from audiences of 8 to 8,000.
  • I speak to corporate audiences on how to ignite growth in their businesses.
  • Given today’s climate of constant disruption and change, Growth Transformation is the top priority for business leaders to be resilient through this chapter of uncertainty. My focus is on reactivating growth in the core of enterprises by inspiring a profound shift in how leaders think and act. The outcome is an empowered growth mindset and capability to discover and solve new customers’ problems and needs, leading to new growth and purpose.
  • My company, Bionic, is the world’s leading firm in enterprise Growth Mindset and Growth Transformation. Since co-founding Bionic, we’ve successfully led growth transformations with our partners’ CEOs and leadership teams like Nike, Citigroup, ABInBev, Exelon, and P&G and many others. We introduce entrepreneurship and venture capital as a form of management to discover new customer problems and needs, develop new ideas to solve those needs, and validate and refine those solutions to build big businesses.

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An experienced entrepreneur, trusted advisor to Fortune 500 leaders and their teams, two-time NYT best-selling author, and active angel investor with more than 40 investments, David S. Kidder has dedicated his life and work to ignite growth in the lives of people and organizations, help identify their proprietary gifts, and solve the greatest challenges of our time. In 2013, he co-founded the Bionic startup to spark growth revolutions in large enterprises and has spent the last decade speaking throughout the world on the topic of growth mindsets, innovation, and transformation – revealing his revolutionary playbook for installing a permanent-growth capability inside any company: the Growth Operating System.

A keynote by David Kidder is an experience like none other. His message of becoming a refounder – rebuilding, resetting, and evolving with a founder’s mindset to create next-generation solutions – is more relevant than ever. His gritty, real-world experience as a four-time entrepreneur and active angel investor combined with his understanding of the priorities and pressures of Fortune 500 leaders ensures his presentations will leave your audience inspired to adapt a refounder mindset and ready to take action to become growth leaders. He is known to light up the room with energy, challenge your thinking with his particular brand of radical candor, and ultimately spark new competitiveness and desire to go on offense and start disrupting, rather than being disrupted. Because while big used to eat little, fast now eats big.

As CEO of Bionic, Kidder leads the company comprised of fellow entrepreneurs and investors who have successfully pioneered a new enterprise growth capability that drives the Growth Mindsets and Systems that lead to new growth and transformation for the world’s most competitive companies. The company installs proprietary solutions designed to unlock new growth and competitiveness for the world’s largest enterprises, based on the models, methods, talent, and tools of venture capital and entrepreneurship to thrive in the disruption.

Prior to Bionic, Kidder served as the co-founder and CEO of three venture-backed startups, including Clickable, an online advertising software-as-a-service startup (acquired by Syncapse), and SmartRay Network, a mobile advertising pioneer (acquired by LifeMinders).

Kidder is an active angel investor in over 40 startups through his funds, Alt Option Return and the Bionic Fund, and a founding member and advisor to The Acumen Fund One Percent Fund, Venture for America, and YPO Global One. He has also served on the National Board of the Smithsonian.

He is also the creator and co-author of the two-time New York Times bestselling five-book series, The Intellectual Devotional, and The Startup Playbook. Kidder’s latest book, New To Big, provides a roadmap for established companies to create like entrepreneurs, invest like VCs, and install a permanent operating system for growth.

A regular guest on podcasts and broadcast television interviews, Kidder has received many accolades for his expertise, including ID Magazine‘s International Design Award and Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2008.

From New to Big: How to build an Always-On Growth

Organizational change doesn’t just happen. It takes a radical spark at a company’s highest level to ignite growth revolutions. It takes a radical spark at a company’s highest level to ignite growth revolutions. In this keynote, David will discuss the growth mindsets, culture, and systems of the Bionic Growth Operating Model that leads to transformational outcomes in some of the largest enterprises in the Fortune 500. Bionic has pioneered the growth mindsets and scalable capabilities that are required for businesses to thrive through disruption. David will share the foundational ideas that empower an organization to rediscover its proprietary gifts, discovering and meeting the customers’ new needs, and build an always-on growth engine at the highest organizational levels.

In this keynote, you’ll hear David speak about:

  • The values that growth leaders must adopt
  • What it means to move from “for” to “with.”
  • The fundamentals of growth discovery
  • How to get a growth mindset…by changing just one letter
  • What makes an ambidextrous leader The new metrics of resilience
The Great Reset: How to Rebook and Refound Your Organization

Sometimes growth starts with a big reset. This keynote shares Bionic’s roadmap for how growth leaders can restart their entire organization–shifting from stagnant to radical, stakeholder to customer, impermanent to market-critical. David also presents the “re-founder mindset.” necessary for leading this change, the importance of grounding leadership decisions in commercial truths, how and why a growth leader can embrace experimentation with a large portfolio of bets, and what it takes to reset your company to champion the customer, not the boardroom.

Some of the questions that David will answer include:

○ How do I develop a re-founder mindset?

○ How can I rediscover my organization’s proprietary gifts?

○ How can outside forces unlock new customer needs?

○ What does it mean to solve customer needs with

○ rather than for customers?

○ How can I create a permanent-growth culture, and how can I build

○ the organizational capabilities to support it?

How to Shift from Existing-to-New Ways of Working

New ways of working need new ways of thinking. David reveals the mindset shifts that enable transformative ways of working, including becoming an ambidextrous thinker; turning from a Total Addressable Market (TAM) approach to a Total Addressable Problem (TAP) mindset, and ending the addiction to being right. It’s no longer enough for businesses to keep up with competitors; if they want to be truly disruptive within their industries, they must be willing to think new and work new.

  • Activation Group: Depending on your audience, the Bionic team will personalize either a mindset sprint or a startup exploration workshop.
How to Discover New Business Models

Your business model has brought you a long way, but can it drive your company into the future? In this keynote addition, you’ll explore the necessity of re-validating your business model…and learn how to leverage lean methodologies to reshape that model for market permanence. This is your mandate as a growth leader: to be able to quickly reposition and remodel your business—and, potentially, your entire company—to meet your customer’s new, acute needs.

  • Team Activation: After collaborative work to re-validate your customer’s needs, teams will run an exercise in identifying your company’s unique and powerful proprietary gifts.
How to Pivot and New Products to New Businesses

With this keynote addition, you’ll discover how to shift from making new products to building new businesses. You’ll explore the difference between incremental growth—like adding products, line extensions, or fresh packaging—and lasting growth, which creates entirely new business opportunities. David will reveal how to unlock these business opportunities by understanding the customers’ real behaviors and actual needs, shift from a TAM approach to a TAP framework, and reveal and deploy your business’s proprietary gifts for powerful market impact.

  • Team Activation: A guided workshop that helps teams shift from insider out to outside in –TAM to TAP (Markets to Customer Needs). Understand case studies on bringing global organizations from TAM to TAP, explain the potential of a TAP mindset, and demonstrate how to calculate your business’s TAP.
How to Discover and Adopt New Disruptive Business Models

Your company has spent years building routes to market. You have big partnerships, big investments, and big acquisitions. But what if you could achieve product/market fit in faster, more efficient ways? This keynote addition focuses on building a positioned, strategic portfolio to run gritty, small experiments that de-risk your investments. You’ll learn how to build a culture of micro-experimentation and productive failure, look outside your organization for new partnerships and distribution channels, and radically disrupt your go-to-market strategy.

  • Team Activation: A highly customized exploratory session to identify potential partnerships for your unique audience…and preemptively find solutions to any roadblocks that might appear.
The Great Reset

The keynote will start with the need for the disruptor mindset and focus on how to discover new needs and new problems with speed and adaptability. David will go through the importance of recognizing that your customers’ needs and behaviors have changed and how to build a growth mindset in order to lead with change. The growth mindset is the foundation of becoming a disruptor – rather than being disrupted. He will discuss how businesses must have the growth capability to discover, validate, and launch-at-will, with the same force of capability to optimize-at-will that has established skill and measurement in most organizations today. He will go through how to arm special teams, skills, and tools that are ready and able to take growth work on and drive it correctly. The focus of the work is to see each existing, mature offering through a new lens, with the intent to validate any and all new commercial truths. The past is no longer a predictor of the future – so business leaders have to find new ways to identify and solve for the future and focus on the present. David will inspire the audience to reimagine their business for the new future.

Growth Mindset for New Ways of Working

We will dive into the mindset shifts needed to establish new ways of working. We will end the addiction to being right. David will focus on how to craft new lenses, new opportunities, and how to continue to grow into a resilient business. Leaders will learn the framework for the new mindsets, and learn how to adjust to the new ways of working for today’s new challenges to gain an understanding of the new needs and problems of your customers. The leader of today but be ambidextrous – they must operate and create simultaneously, so that they can execute and discover. They must turn outside-in to shift from TAM to TAP in order to truly understand the customers’ needs to ground decisions in commercial truth. These new ways of working are crucial because businesses are no longer keeping up with competitors, but they must keep up and discover the customers’ new needs and behaviors to create solutions with the customers, not for. This keynote is focused on The Great Reset and will go through the Disruptor Mindset checklist that shifts an organization’s focus to the growth mindset needed for transformation.

re/Activating Growth

When your audience needs to move from existing business models, to new business models, we will present our keynote on the value and process of re-validating your business model. This keynote focused on re-discovery on proprietary gifts, being a flexible organization, and using lean methodologies to rebuild your business models for the new future. We will use the tools outlined in our re/validate process to understand the new needs of your customers. If you already have new ideas for solutions that meet the new needs of consumers, you need to be able to act fast. This moment is about learning velocity. You may have validated your idea in the pre-COVID era, but now, if there is evidence from the market that an existing business project can be preserved you must re-validate your business for the new world. Your leadership mandate is to quickly reposition your business – potentially your whole business, top to bottom – to squarely meet the new needs of your customers. And with that, you must reposition your mindset to understand customers are people – people who are truly dynamic and complex in our new world. To re-validate means you validate the existing aspects of your businesses – products, services, marketplaces, partnerships – as though they were potential new businesses you were deciding whether or not to proceed with. The focus of the work is to see each existing, mature offering through a new lens, with the intent to validate any and all new commercial truths. Strategy and execution decisions based on good planning skills made perfect sense four months ago when the needs were knowable, but we are in a new world.

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