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Bruce Wilkinson

Managing Partner of a Franchise, Inspires Leadership Excellence

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Fee Range: 5000-9999
  • Managing Partner of Louisiana’s first Jimmy John’s Franchise Restaurants in Baton Rouge. The fastest growing Q.S.R. chain in the U.S.
  • Franchisee with 7 Jimmy John’s Restaurants
  • Served two terms as an elected Board member of the National Speakers Association.
  • One of less than 800 Certified Speaking Professionals in the world.
  • Has made keynote presentations in all 50 states.

Bruce S. Wilkinson, CSP is a leadership/communication/culture implementation expert, professional motivational keynote speaker, trainer and consultant, who reinforces personalized messages with humor, passion, enthusiasm and authenticity. His mission is to help organizations translate their leadership culture into a workplace climate that inspires excellence, service and personal accountability. He has degrees in both Safety Engineering and Occupational Safety and Health and is one of fewer than 800 people worldwide to earn the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation.

As President and Chief Leadership Officer of Workplace Consultants, Inc. and Wilkinson Seminars and Presentations, he has presented in all 50 states, delivering enthusiastic keynotes, seminars and training programs for over twenty-nine years to hundreds of businesses, associations, organizations, government agencies, hotels, utilities, restaurants, banks, insurance companies, contractors, manufactures, universities, petro chemical/energy companies, healthcare organizations and proudly; all branches of the U.S. Military.

Implementing a Culture of Superior, World Class Customer Service. ™

Why are some businesses, organizations and associations more successful than their competitors?  For the most part, it’s world class, superior customer service, delivered by trained team members’ who feel engaged and valued themselves.  You see, most satisfied customers will stay with you, but a valued customer or client will stay with you, brag about your products and services, and persuade others to join them as well. That’s the result of superior service, delivered by valued team.

This will be a motivational, humorous and content filled presentation that will demonstrate some unique ways to create a customized, superior customer service culture that creates successful outcomes in  challenging and competitive economic times.

Give Change a Chance - There’s Opportunity and It's Coming Anyway. ™

We have all heard that good can come from change, yet not all change is good.  But like it or not, change is constant in life and it will create both choices and opportunities for the future.  These “life changing opportunities” are similar to forks in the road.  Some roads will lead to personal and professional growth, success, financial independence, positive attitudes  and an appreciative family/team members, while other roads may lead to lost income, poor family/work relationships, reputations and dissatisfied negative attitudes and  loss of friends, jobs, etc. This will be an  informative presentation that will demonstrate some unique ways for attendees to select the right road, for the right reasons for both personal and job/career success.

Balancing Life, Work, Family and Friends – You’ve Got to Have a Sense of Humor. ™

Finding balance in 21st Century life can be pretty challenging when you are trying to make ends meet.  Long hours, customer/client expectations, economic issues, increased competition, tighter budgets and family concerns can take their toll on today’s working professionals. This will be a fun, enthusiastic and content-filled presentation for  busy people who want to laugh, reduce stress, reconsider family dynamics, improve their attitude, workplace survival skills and bring balance and enjoyment back into their life, family and work.

You will learn:

  • Tips to achieve a less-stressed, balanced, enjoyable life.
  • How to find the humor in things you see every day at work and play.
  • Light-hearted communication skills for multi-generational, diverse families and workforces.
  • How to bring more fun and a positive attitude back into your life, job or organization.
Surviving & Thriving as an H.R. "Sandwiched" Professional

Public and private sector H.R. Professionals are busier than ever and they carry more organizational, regulatory compliance and culture responsibilities than their predecessors.  They are the ultimate talent management/people department. But it also places them in the unusual position of being a Sandwiched Professional.  They are routinely in the middle, having to motivate, educate, influence and sell senior leadership to create, require and support the type of culture and line management authority/accountability, needed to implement the mission, vision, values, policies, procedures, processes and practices that are necessary to achieve organizational goals and outcomes; while inspiring and training managers, supervisors and their talent, to actually perform their duties in a respectful, compliant, inclusive, productive manner on a daily basis.


Workplace Application:


How H.R./Talent Management Professionals can understand and capitalize on their role as a Sandwiched Professional in order to sell and influence senior leadership to create the type of culture that specifies line management authority/accountability, in the development of a diverse, inclusive, respectful, compliant and high performance team.


Learning Objectives:


  • How to motivate, educate, influence and sell senior leaders, to create and support the development of appropriate organizational vision and culture that clearly defines line management authority and accountability.


  • How the importance of being positioned by senior leadership as a respected operational partner and a culture/compliance/vision implementer, is imperative for line management’s perception of H.R.’s organizational authority.


  • How to inspire, persuade, train and sell division, department heads, managers, supervisors and other leaders to implement required organizational culture, effective H.R./Talent Management: policies, procedures, processes and practices, down to and through the first line management level.
Implementing a Culture of Inspired Leadership and Team Talent Engagement. ™
The Thermostat Leader: How to Inspire and Influence a Comfortable Team Culture and Climate to Achieve Personal and Organizational Success. ™
How to Inspire, Influence, Sell and Persuade: The Keys to Long-Term Leadership and Team Success! ™
It's Not the Message - It's the Messenger: The Key to Long-Term Professional Success! ™
The Process of Persuasion and Inspiration is an Ongoing Process. ™
Developing a Culture of Leadership, Communication, Pride, Trust, Teamwork and Personal Responsibility. ™
Building a Better Business: It’s the Peoplework – Not the Paperwork! ™
Implementing an In-House Brand: The Key to Long-Term Sales, Service and Business Success. ™
Managing, Motivating and Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce. ™
Going for the Gold in People, Service, Quality and Performance. ™
When it Comes to Selling Others - You Can’t Just Give it a Shot! ™
Making Safety a Personal Value – Not Just a Priority: The Key to Long Term Safety Success. ™
Redefining Safety Leadership & Accountability: Managing and Motivating Multi-Generational Employees to Make Safety Personal. ™
Implementing an Organizational Culture of Valued Safety and Personal Responsibility. ™
Bringing Fun and a Positive Attitude Back to Work and Life. ™
Keep it Positive: Moving from Surviving to Thriving. ™
Self Motivation and Enthusiasm: The Keys to Long Term Future Success. ™
Special Convention/Conference Specific Closing Keynote: Implementing Conference Learning Back Home at Work. ™
Risk/Safety topics are available
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