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Ross Shafer

Ross Shafer

Customer Empathy, Personal Motivation, Leadership and Business Relevance

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Fee Range: 10000-19999
  • Emmy winning TV host
  • Comedian turned innovation speaker/customer service expert
  • Author of 6 books & 14 human resource training films

ROSS SHAFER is a 6-time Emmy Award Winning Comedian and Writer. Pretty good for pet shop manager moonlighting as a comedian. In l984, a local TV station saw him and decided to hire him as an on-air host. Ross’ unconventional style was soon spotted by the networks and he moved to Hollywood to host talk/game shows for ABC, Fox, USA, and Comedy Central.

What Ross gleaned most from show business was how TV and movies reacted to emerging trends and human behavior shifts. So in l994, he began studying how customer emotional connections affected organizational growth (or extinction).

To that end, he has written 14 H.R. training films on customer service, motivation, and leadership. He is also the author of nine books, including his two newest BEHAVE LIKE A START UP…and SUCCESS: IT’s ON YOU.

Today, Ross is one of the most sought after keynote speakers on the subjects of Customer Empathy, Personal Motivation, Leadership and Business Relevance.

How to Motivate Team Members

This is a professional development program that will inspire your team members and associates to operate at peak performance. Ross Shafer will show your attendees how to remain innovative, responsible, and encouraging to others.

How to Integrate the New “Gig” Workforce.
As you know, 53 million Americans are now independent contractors, part timers, at-home workers, freelancers, consultants, or specific talent “gig” workers who bounce from project to project. While this exploding workforce controls labor costs by not offering healthcare, paid vacations, 401k’s or maternity care, the “gig” workforce still has to perform at peak levels and deliver on your brand promise. Ross will clarify the tactics necessary to motivate, establish expectations, and integrate your existing team members with your freelance staffers.

Attitude of Accountability
Even hardworking, eager-to-please team members can get frustrated by factors they believe are out of their control. Leaders have heard, “I could win this business if I had more resources or more time…” Ross insists that blame and excuses have no place in a top tier organization. Rather, team members must learn how to win with the resources they DO have. Ross’s case studies will encourage team members to make the most of what they CAN control – and how an attitude of accountability spreads like wildfire throughout a company culture.

How to Prevent Complacency & Stay Creative Under Pressure
Ross proves that team members become most valuable when they can manage stress, remain productive, and fend off complacency. Poor stress management can disrupt our ability to consider new ideas. Worse, complacency can cause us to default to what we know; which is likely to be counter-competitive. Ross can show your team how to: (A) Tackle multiple demands with composure (B) Find innovations in the most unlikely places and (C) Locate competitors that are hiding in their blind spots.

Consider The R.O.I. of Everything
Ross can coach your team members how to discern between good decisions and bad risks. Every employee or associate will become more valuable when they can innovate a fresh process, a product, or a service that either makes money or reduces costs. By Example: We have all seen football coaches make play-calling decisions based upon known parameters, new circumstances, and predictable outcomes, i.e., “In 3rd and 8 yard situations, on the 9 yard line, we have scored touchdowns 79% of the time with THIS play.” Ross will help inspire your teams to use a “decision discipline” for better R.O.I.

Celebrate Each Other’s Talents
Teams work better together when there is mutual respect and admiration among the members. The attitude of “Championing Others” comes from genuinely caring about team success over individual agendas. By Example: Ross Shafer’s TV production teams earned 36 Emmy® Awards by celebrating each other’s skills. In fact, Ross coined the name, Bill Nye The Science Guy®, and then provided a platform for Bill to exploit his unique talents. The result was a huge career for Bill and higher ratings for Ross’s TV show.

How to Stay Relevant

If you no longer matter to your customers and clients, they will leave you and race to your competitors. Relevance is a moving target. In this program you will learn how to create a culture that is able to adapt and evolve with new industry trends; as well as realign your go-to-market tactics to best serve your customer’s shifting buying habits.


  • How to harvest an endless trove of innovative ideas (even when you’re not feeling creative).
  • How to find (and respond to) competitors hiding in your blind spots
  • How to inspire world-class expertise
  • Cementing Relationships. How to create instant rapport with clients, vendors, and coworker
​BEHAVE LIKE A START-UP: Kill Complacency

This program is about fighting off complacency. If you are a legacy organization and you’re starting to feel like complacency is creeping in, you will be interested to learn the guerrilla tactics of young startups. You’ll learn how startups fearlessly defy convention…and why you should too.


  • How to cure creeping complacency…(and how to regain your “mojo.”)
  • Lessons you can learn from the Startup mentality
  • Why you should break the bonds of perfection and launch your ideas faster
Success: It's On You

This program is about taking initiative. Too often our team members stall their own growth until they get validation and encouragement from their leaders. This program will inspire you team members to take charge of their own assignments…when nobody is around to guide them. They will learn to be accountable and responsible to and for…themselves.


  • How to create a No Blame, No Excuses culture of accountability
  • Why it’s crucial to take personal responsibility for your own success
  • How to ‘ramp up’ your resilience
  • How to set yourself (and your company) apart from the competition
Friction-Free Service

This program contains tactical solutions to boost your customer scores. In a recent 60-day customer engagement immersion assignment, Ross took a 700-employee company from last place in their industry customer satisfaction scores…to FIRST place.  Their J.D. Power customer ratings went up 21 points in 90 days. You’ll learn what Ross did to achieve this.


  • How the POW-Vs-Wow effect ignites loyalty and viral recognition
  • How reducing transactional friction makes you the company-of-choice
  • Simple techniques for empowering your workforce to attract repeat business

Ross is adept at handling back-to-back breakout sessions that may feature a myriad of presenters. He has hosted such luminaries as President George Herbert Walker Bush, Jack Welch, Colin Powell, Bob Dole, James Carville, Tom Peters, Marcus Buckingham, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, to name a few. Since many high profile presenters are more comfortable being interviewed by a “pro,” Ross is able to show the utmost respect from the opening introduction throughout the Q & A – yet he doesn’t shy away from the probing questions your people want answered.


Finally, Ross is a popular favorite for hosting custom game shows. Not only do these formats lend themselves to imparting important training information about your company (in a fun way), they also encourage participation of the entire audience. Ask us how Ross and his game partners at (Game Show America) can create a custom “TV” show for you.


Ross hosts a select number of multi-day events for his high-end clients each year. Because Ross is a trained talk and game show host (helmed over 1,000 network broadcasts), he is the perfect choice for moderating your executive panel discussions and complex award banquets. Ross will keep the programs lively and on task; drawing on his vast experience and lightening wit to navigate (and rescue) even the most unpredictable situations.

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