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Robert Stevenson

Robert Stevenson

Delivers a high-energy program that can help anyone to achieve higher levels of excellence

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Fee Range: 10000-19999
  • Owned and operated 5 companies
  • Sold internationally in over 20 countries
  • Spoken to over 2,500 companies throughout the world
  • Interviewed over 10,000 employees, managers and senior executives in over 250 industries
  • Author of the Best-Selling book – How to Soar Like an Eagle in a Word Full of Turkeys
  • Over 2 million people have benefitted from his powerful, practical, compelling and thought provoking programs
  • Expert at Building a High Performance Culture Improving Efficiency & Accelerating Growth

Robert Stevenson is one of the most widely recognized professional speakers in the world. He is the author of the best selling book, “How To Soar Like An Eagle In A World Full of Turkeys,” and his new book, “52 Essential Habits for Success,” is destined to become one. He is a man who is consistently honored with standing ovations and requests to bring him back next year. Many clients have rated him as the best speaker they’ve ever heard. Mr. Stevenson has shared the podium with such renowned speakers as former President George H.W. Bush, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Anthony Robbins, Tom Peters and Steven Covey. He is a graduate of Georgia Tech where he received his BS in Industrial Management.

This former All-American athlete has owned several companies, sold internationally in over 20 countries, established and maintained hundreds of accounts worldwide along with managing a worldwide sales force. Your people will be hearing from a man who has lived his experiences, not just studied them. He has held positions from Salesman to Chief Executive Officer.

As a professional speaker for over twenty years Mr. Stevenson has spoken to over 2,500 companies, interviewed more than 10,000 employees, managers, and senior executives and worked with over 250 different industries. His ability to connect with an audience is amazing; be it a strategic planning session for a Fortune 500 company to 20,000 salespeople, he excels at blending humor, facts, inspiration, conviction and audience participation. Simply stated by one of his clients…”Robert not only did his homework but used what he learned to gain the interest and respect of the audience in the first ten minutes of his program. He really knew our industry and his research showed. He brought the house down and the audience to their feet!”

Mr. Stevenson has produced the training DVD “Beyond Excellence.” The fast-paced program is filled with advice on how to become an extraordinary person in business, and in life. Using real world examples, dozens of interesting slides, and powerful true stories, Robert Stevenson delivers a high-energy program that can help anyone to achieve higher levels of excellence. He covers a broad spectrum of ideas, including leadership, accountability, dealing with stress, handling change, how to criticize, the power of laughter, how to exceed expectations, balance, and much more. Whether you are just starting out in business, or a seasoned professional, these ideas will remind you of all the things you need to do when you are committed to soaring above and beyond excellence.

Today, Robert travels around the world, sharing powerful ideas for achieving excellence, both personally and professionally. His client list reads like the Who’s Who in business. Companies like Prudential, FedEx, Berkshire Hathaway, Chevron, Harley-Davidson, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Radio Shack, Caterpillar, American Express, Time Warner and Kellogg have all invited Robert Stevenson to help motivate, inspire and educate their people.

When a Powerful Corporate Culture Fuels Critical Core Competencies

Throughout the world, technological change and global competition continue on their relentless and disruptive path of uncertainty and volatility. Compounded by the current economic external threats of weakening consumer demand, growing unemployment, tight credit and collapsing housing markets, it is no surprise that many companies today are facing critical decisions on how to survive. Mr. Stevenson has designed this program to help companies, organizations and associations not only survive … but thrive in these types of conditions. “Corporate Culture” is the fundamental character or spirit of an organization that influences the loyalty and general behavior of its employees. When you learn how to combine The Right Corporate Culture with The Right Core Competencies, your organization will begin to thrive.


Having employees fixing problems after-the-fact costs more and results in upset customers. Identifying potential opportunities for the organization creates the possibility for higher profits. Mr. Stevenson’s program will help to show you how to get all your employees to think like an owner, proactively recognizing problems and opportunities.


  • Identify core competencies for success
  • Recognize the true values and beliefs of your organization
  • Learn how to establish and maintain the Right Corporate Culture
  • Eliminate hindering, unnecessary, and delaying policies and procedures
  • Appreciate the foundation of an enterprise is based on those you serve
  • Stimulate the sharing of more ideas, suggestions, and recommendations
  • Understand how to create an environment that will encourage innovations
  • See the full measure of management is based on achievements not just setting goals
  • Enhance performance of the organization by putting to use the talents of all employees
  • Create a Culture of Responsibility where employees take accountability for their actions
  • Realize the importance of people being able to challenge the “Norm” without fear of reprisal
The Leadership Formula

The Leadership program focus is on practical, insightful and useful skills that help to make relationships work and companies prosper. Designed with the goal of helping organizations thrive in today’s marketplace, Mr. Stevenson identifies how to start, maintain, and deepen working relationships. This program starts with the nine elements of the Leadership Formula then delves even deeper into the philosophy of relationships. Robert Stevenson addresses courage and challenge, confidence and commitment, compassion and communication, change, cooperation, and control.


  • People not Procedures
  • Action not Talk
  • Want To not Made To
  • Desired not Required
  • Showing not Shouting
  • Flexible not Fixed
  • Listening not Telling
  • Caring not Bottom Line
  • A Process Not an Event


  • Open two-way channels of communication
  • Establish rapport
  • Develop respect
  • Recognize effort
  • Provide effective encouragement
  • Deal with differing viewpoints
  • Improve listening skills
  • Encourage and solicit suggestions
  • Master the skills to gain willing cooperation
Riding A New Wave To Success - Strategic Planning

Mr. Stevenson has developed this program to facilitate the Strategic Planning process. This program enables the organization to get a handle on what it is doing right, where it can improve, and what must be done to reach the goals being set. Some of the greatest experts for any business are their own people. Utilizing various aspects of dynamic interaction, Mr. Stevenson will take full advantage of the brainpower sitting in the room. With Robert as the catalyst driving the audience, everyone will get involved and in no time be combining their collective brilliance to accomplish far more than previously thought possible. This training session will show participants how to involve their own associates or subordinates in obtaining the best possible solutions for problems and issues they face.

Participants will learn how to dig deep to find what needs improvement and learn how to produce a prioritized strategic action plan intended to improve the organization and better prepare it for today’s ever changing environment. Depending on time constraints this program can also give a detailed account of what is going right, and what needs improvement along with having the group produce a prioritized strategic action plan intended to improve the organization and better prepare it for today’s highly competitive and ever changing environment. This seminar will prove to be one of the best allocations of corporate resources ever authorized.


  • Human resources are a company’s most valuable asset
  • Collective problem identification can be very productive
  • Empowering employees results in more energized ideas
  • Involving your people in the problem solving process is the most efficient way to produce multiple workable solutions
  • An established Focused Action Plan aligns the organization towards common goals


  • Establish open, candid communication between team members
  • Have all team members addressing critical issues
  • Understand that each issue will result in written responses from each team
  • Share written responses with the entire audience
  • Get everyone involved, making it fun while creating a contagious level of high energy
  • Empower individuals to take action
  • Understand that with each new issue there will be… more interaction, new responses and a new team member addressing the audience
​If You Don’t Like Change - You are Going To Hate Extinction

Change is a constant. You can either choose to embrace it or watch as your business disintegrates right before your eyes. Everyone is standing on shaky ground. Today’s King of the Mountain could be tomorrow’s case study on failure. Kmart, IBM, and American Express have all found out the power of change, from a position of power to a fight for survival. Radio Shack, Kodak, and Blockbuster, all went bankrupt and ultimate reason for their demise was change.

When a company increases the value offered to a customer by improving the product, enhancing service, offering better technology or increasing efficiencies, the competition must follow. The customer wants it better … they want it easier to use … they want it cheaper … they want it now. Even now, in today’s tenuous economy, it is the customer who is driving the ship. No matter what else is happening, it is the customer who is choosing when and where to spend their money. This program explores change … the successes, the failures, the reasons behind both and how to capitalize on the opportunities that are created because of change.

​Essential Habits For Success

Why is it that some people succeed while others fail? That answer seems to elude most people. With over two decades of research from having interviewed over 10,000 employees, managers and senior executives in over 250 industries, Mr. Stevenson has amassed an enormous data base on the subject of SUCCESS.

That research has helped him write a book addressing what he feels are the Fifty-Two Essential Habits for Success. Mr. Stevenson has designed a study method so “simple” that he will be able to show your attendees how to master all the habits and make them a part of their daily life. A method that will only take a couple of minutes a day. This program is designed to not only help individuals become more talented, motivated, productive, and successful but help organizations do the same by identifying key habits they must possess as well.


  • Bad habits are the core causes of failure
  • 40% of the actions people perform each day aren’t from decisions, they are from habits
  • Self-awareness, self-vigilance, and self-discipline are necessary to break bad habits
  • Having good habits will reduce errors, complications, stress, and unnecessary costs
  • Good habits increase effectiveness, profitability, efficiencies, and productivity
  • Focus on developing one good habit at a time


Identify bad habits that damage them personally – their reputation, work and career

Understand how to replace bad habits (poor acquired behavior patterns) with good ones

Identify the benefits of good habits and help them commit to them

Appreciate they can improve their habits all by themselves

Understand the importance of sharing good habits with associates

Recognize good habits

  • Reduces uncertainty, creates a culture of excellence,
  • Helps standardize proper procedures, generate feelings of happiness and security

Understand how to acquire 52 powerful success habits

​The Answers to Successful Selling Are All Four Letter Words

The art, discipline, techniques of selling have traveled many different paths over the centuries. Whether one is doing research or actually working in businesses it is obvious the path to selling effectively has gone from simple to highly sophisticated and back again. This program doesn’t mean to oversimplify the process of selling something, but it will make it understandable and easy to implement by sticking to the basics. The program breaks down the Art and Science of Selling into a no-nonsense set of guidelines that will make even the most novice of salespeople a success.


  • Selling is both an art and a science
  • A good salesperson truly cares about their customer
  • Successful sales arise from the feeling of responsibility to help the customer


Appreciate the power of being fully prepared

Learn how to handle and overcome objections

Ask better questions

Listen what the customer is really saying

Realize the importance or getting detailed information

Close the sale

Appreciate the importance of following up after the sale

Understand and use the following successfully

  • SHOW the customer … DON’T TELL THEM
  • FEEL what the customer FEELS
  • LOOK to see how and if you can HELP
  • HEAR what the customer HEARS
  • MAKE CALL after CALL after CALL – the power of prospecting
  • LEAD the customer
  • SEEK to FIND out their situation
  • LOVE what you are doing
  • Get the customer to TALK
​The Single Most Important Skill: Determining Your Success in Life

Communication is an interactive event between two or more individuals; a give and take of thoughts, wants, or needs. Communication is a skill that must be learned and practiced regularly in order to be successful at it. This communication program was designed using proven and powerful communication techniques intended to call the audience to action, calling them to examine their own skills, and then calling them to actively practice improving those skills.


  • Communication is a learned behavior that must be practiced
  • Communication is more than the ability to form words
  • Effective listening is the most important skill in communication
  • Before a person will listen there must be rapport
  • Rapport is built from trust
  • Without confidence there can never be rapport or trust


  • Understand how to develop Trust, Confidence and Rapport
  • Learn the 9 ways to transform their personal impact
  • Develop Verbal, Vocal and Visual communication skills
  • Enhance their “Likeability” and “Personality” factors
  • Learn the effective use of humor
  • Incorporate Neuro-Linguistic techniques
  • Understand representational systems: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic
  • Refine their listening skills
  • Handle objections properly
  • Understand the importance of confidence when seeking agreement
How the Best Get Better

This double-edged sword presentation cuts to the core of performance, both business and personal performance. Mandates from management throughout the country all seem to be singing the same song: “If we are going to remain successful and be players in the marketplace both now and in the future, we must constantly strive to learn more, improve our quality of service, increase customer satisfaction, increase market share and do it in less time with fewer people.”

To keep elements for success effective, to facilitate individuals performing at their Optimum Level, it sometimes takes a catalyst of rare ingredients to first ignite the fire and then keep it blazing. This Peak Performance program was designed to be the catalyst to get things moving, and also teach techniques to keep it going.


  • Peak performance is a way of work, not a mad dash to a single goal.
  • Both innovation and motivation must be present to excel.
  • Doing it the way you have always done it will not get you what you have always gotten. In today’s highly competitive, ever-changing business environment, you can never become what you need to be by remaining what you are.


  • Renew past convictions
  • Deal with handling and accepting change
  • Identify optimum effort, from customer service to moping the floors
  • Delve into revamping, removing, and limiting personal paradigms
  • Utilize multiple ways to deal with stress
  • Explain the most common trait of all successes
You've Got To Make Them Say Wow!

This program deals with dispelling the theory that the customer is always right. Whether it was selling a Dixie cup of lemon-aid on the sidewalk or closing a multimillion-dollar deal, anyone who has ever dealt with a customer knows the customer is not always right. Many times the customer is wrong, very wrong; however they are still the customer. This Customer Service program addresses how to keep customers spending their money at your organization without giving away the farm. By exploring not only in the initial sell, but also addressing how to improve repeat and referral business, this program will provide concrete examples of ways to improve your selling techniques. This program has been designed as an educational, interactive seminar for anyone who has customer contact, from Executives, Managers, and Supervisors to Hourly Personnel.


  • Anyone who has customer contact is a sales person
  • One dissatisfied customer can destroy months or years of positive work
  • Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth
  • The customer is right only if it is right for the business


  • Identify the definition of Excellent Customer Service for your industry
  • Understand the power of customer perception
  • Consider alternative methods for improving customer satisfaction
  • Recognize problem areas
  • Accept and assign responsibility
  • Empower your front line service people
  • Address the needs and wants of your customers
  • Prioritize activities to more effectively address those customer needs and wants
  • Respond appropriately to customer complaints after reviewing customer feedback
  • Allocate customer service resources more profitably
  • Establish, implement and review Service Standards for better customer service
  • Analyze strategies for Optimum Customer Service – Building the culture from within
I've Got Your Back

For your organization to succeed in this ever changing environment you need to be certain you are running at peak performance; all resources must be utilized to full potential. When considering the resources of an organization, its most valuable asset is always its human resources. To be able to maximize results, you need to be able to maximize Operations, Preparations, Motivations, and Expectations. Robert Stevenson has developed a program that addresses the many aspects of teamwork and how to make it function at its optimum potential.

Great TEAMWORK is the true reason for success of any company and it rests in the hands of their employees Coming Together as ONE.


  • “I’ve Got Your Back” mentality creates a winning culture
  • Cooperative teams are more productive
  • Teamwork improves the organization
  • How to foster at team mentality


  • Incorporate the attitude of watching out for each
  • Change Reactive or Inactive to Proactive
  • See that conflict can be productive
  • Handle change as a unit
  • Strengthen the weakest link
  • Inspire individuals to accelerate the group
  • Develop REAL communication…
  • Listen with an unprejudiced mind
  • Understand dialogue – what it is AND what it is not
  • Understand the importance
  • Looking beyond their assigned tasks
  • Being counted on to always be on time
  • Responding to requests in a timely manner
  • Helping co-workers complete projects
  • Speaking positively
  • Respecting co-workers
  • Looking for ways to help others
The Relentless Pursuit Of Excellence - Innovation

Simple words like “Why” or “What if” can save a company if asked at the right time. Great leaders see challenges as an invitation for the group to test, justify, explain, and prove ideas. They welcome vigorous dialogue and debate. They see argument and disagreement as catalysts to better solutions. Unfortunately, some managers / bosses / CEOs / companies have instilled such an environment of fear that they seldom, if ever, have anyone question their ideas, policies, procedures, or methods. In an environment where the Top 10 In-Demand Jobs today did not exist in 2004 and the amount of technical information in the world is doubling every 2 years, innovation has become one of the critical functions of survival for companies today.

“Great managers” have no problem admitting a policy or procedure just doesn’t work anymore. They understand you cannot become what you need to be by remaining what you are. This program will teach your participants how to delve, inquire, forget the past, try a clean slate, rewrite the rulebook, involve other fields of expertise, look from a different angle, try to find a 2nd right answer, along with the importance of involving all departments and levels of experience. It will show them how to inspire, exchange ideas, share experiences, describe challenges, have a shared sense of purpose, and learn from each other. If you want to create an Innovative Environment where your people will understand the power and purpose of openly and candidly challenging the rules, understanding the genius of subtraction rather than addition, appreciate that the Hero is the one with ideas and how “not” to succumb to the destructive power of traditional mindsets … then this program is for you.


  • To understand, How to INNOVATE, you first should identify, Why to Innovate
  • You cannot become what you need to be by remaining what you are
  • Challenging points of views keep companies healthy
  • Healthy companies constantly reinforce the reasons why it is critical to keep improving


  • Learn how to get a unified commitment from their department / team
  • Identify and understand the Essential Habits for Success for their company/industry
  • See the importance of asking and answering the “What If’s”
  • Get all employees involved in looking for ways to grow their business
  • Look at their company through the “Eyes of Their Enemies” and identify weaknesses they might exploit
“It was certainly my pleasure to visit with you after your program. I don’t normally feel compelled to discuss a presentation with speakers after they address our group, but you clearly hit a high note with our folks and I wanted to express my appreciation in person. As I mentioned then, too many speakers “customize” a program by inserting the Dunhill name on one of the slides and continue with their pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all delivery. Obviously, one secret to your success is that you take the time to determine the strengths and challenges of your client’s company and then weave them seamlessly throughout your presentation. Not unexpectedly, you scored the highest possible grades on our Conference Evaluations. The end result was a grand slam home run and we want to sign you up next season as our starting hitter. We will get in touch with your agent to book that now. Thanks again for a knockout performance.”
“Your presentation at our conference was tremendous. You captured the whole audience’s attention with your great analogies, which was surprising for having an audience of over 300 in attendance. You had us thinking, laughing, and crying all at the same time. You caused everyone to feel the meeting was very worthwhile. Thanks for studying our recruiting industry and relating life’s challenges to it. You are a true professional with a gift for conveying a great message. I look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to work together.”
“Robert Stevenson's presentation was absolutely amazing and nothing short of inspiring. We have had many speakers, but never any like Robert … they loved him and want more! “
American Express
“You hit home on all fronts - service, stress, team building, dealing with change, communication and leadership. I thank you for a truly inspiring and rewarding experience. The best part of all, you made me a hero.”
Prudential Life Insurance
“You captured the audience's attention immediately. The standing ovation and audience engagement were a testament to your lasting impression.”
National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics
“I cannot thank you enough for your fantastic presentation. The feedback we have received was it was the best speech we have ever had in the history of the convention."
Bridgestone Tires
“I appreciate all the research you did preparing for your program. Your message was so spot on … it was as if you worked for Bridgestone.”
Kentucky Fried Chicken
“Your program was a tremendous success. The one thing they were talking about at the entire conference was, YOU! You did your homework, you knew our business and everyone loved you!”
“This is the third time you have addressed our organization and your presentation was awesome, again.”
TechData - Canada
“You were awesome. Your presentation was tailored to our audience in a way that I’ve never seen in a presentation before. One of the best presentations and one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen.”
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