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Phillip Kelley

Phillip Kelley

Brings any audience to action through his authentic message and creative style

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Fee Range: 5000-9999
  • Serving as NFL Chaplain for the Kansas City Chiefs through the ministry of Athletes in Action
  • Author, Divine Disturbance: Broken to Build
  • Bi-Weekly Contributor on NBC Television in Kansas City
  • Proud Husband and father of 2 amazing daughters

Known as a “human potential extractor” Phillip Kelley brings any audience to action through his authentic message and creative style. From the locker room to the board room, he is comfortable in front of a dozen or 12,000. As a weekly guest on NBC television in Kansas City, Phillip communicates life and leadership principles to a wide range of viewers, while never taking himself too seriously! Leveraging his book Divine Disturbance: Broken to Buildhe serves as a megaphone for this generation make their life count by being part of the solution, not just complaining about the problems. Phillip speaks confidently to some of the most influential voices in the country while staying grounded in the values, principles and work ethic that launched him to this platform.

Culture eats mission for lunch

When what’s hanging on the wall (mission) is not happening down the hall (culture) – secrets from going from worst to first (KC Chiefs story)

Light Attracts Bugs

Dealing with critics

The Awkward Elephant

How to have the awkward conversation, addressing the elephant in the room and taking it for a dance

Inside Your Mind-Field

Developing strategies to combat your worst enemy and harshest critic – your inner voice

Are You a Sundial in the Shade?

Unlocking your potential & your team’s potential

Grow Like A Pro

Personal growth habits

Picture Perfect

Images that inspire, motivate, captivate (using pictures to communicate easily transferable principles, truths, ideas)

Fire Forms Steel

How to make adversity your friend instead of your foe

Prominence vs Significance

How great teams look at every role, not just the sexy ones


Don’t let one loss beat you twice (the message we stressed during the 2015 season where the Chiefs started 1-5 and then won 11 in a row)

It’s Time To Get Your Swagger Back

Building Confidence in a Doubtful World

Diversity and Inclusion (4 hour workshop)

How to become a trendsetter in bringing everyone to the table, not just people who look like you


Unleash your people to become their best creative selves, while still maintaining a disciplined culture

Flexing Your D.R.E.A.M. Muscles

Maximizing Your Desire, Reason, Experience, Abilities and Maturity

Visualization - See It Before You Seize It
The ABC's of Building an Dynamic Culture - Authenticity, Belonging, Connection
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