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Peter Sheahan

Peter Sheahan is known internationally for his innovative business thinking and thought leadership

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Fee Range: 20000-39999
    • Bestselling Author and World Renowned Speaker on Exploiting Business Trends and New Market Opportunities
    • Founder and CEO of ChangeLabs™
    • CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame®

    All of Peter Sheahan’s speeches are customized to the client. He will do an initial briefing with the client and then he’ll do background research to ensure that a detailed keynote will be delivered.

Founder & Group CEO of Karrikins Group, Peter Sheahan is known internationally for his innovative business thinking and thought leadership. With staff in more than 23 cities across 7 countries, he knows firsthand the challenges of growing a business in these rapidly-changing times.

Peter has advised leaders from companies as diverse as Apple, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Hyundai, IBM, Pfizer, Wells Fargo, and Cardinal Health. He is the author of seven books, including FlipGeneration YMaking it Happen, and the soon to be released Matter.

Peter has delivered more than 2,500 presentations to over 500,000 people in 20 different countries, and he has been named one of the 25 Most Influential Speakers in the World by the National Speakers Association, and is the youngest person ever to be inducted into their industry Hall of Fame.

LEADING TRANSFORMATION Turning challenges into opportunity and change into competitive advantage

In this case-study rich and insightful conversation, you will be provoked to consider: 1) The primary questions you need to answer to understand the value you create, and how the changing needs of your stakeholders create emergent new opportunities, and 2) The journey of your own personal transformation as you embrace the professional risks required to maintain capacity, capability, and engagement; transform what you do, and how you do it. Organizations don’t change – people do

HIGH PERFORMANCE IN A HYBRID WORLD Accelerating a culture of accountability and driving effective alignment.

In this case-study rich and connecting conversation, you will understand that culture is a science, not an art. With the right mindset, team dynamics and environment, a leader can intentionally curate a culture of accountability and high engagement. Doing so in a partially virtual world presents unique but surmountable challenges that can be overcome by creating a setting for your team where its psychologically safe to ask for help, behave in new ways, and pursue progress over perfection. Your new way of working will require a blueprint that unlocks productivity, enables collaboration, and drives well-being.

COMPETING ON VALUE, NOT PRICE Create more value, move beyond the competition, and lead your customers to the future in a post-COVID world

In this case-study rich and inspiring conversation, you will embrace the need to move with a sense of urgency, be intentionally optimistic, and balance survival risk with the capacity to thrive in the face of the very real challenges presented by COVID-19. This begins by accepting your changed reality, identifying the current opportunities found in disruption, and stepping up as a leader by changing themselves first, before seeking to transform their organization. The journey of transformation is first psychological, then strategic.

Virtual presentations available

Virtual Keynote

Audience: Any size and mix of participants Timing: 45-60 minutes Approach:

• Research and customization

• Additional video series to continue the learning after the Feb event

• Any add-ons they may want too such as 1:1 interview, extended live Q&A’s, facilitating a customer panel etc.

Chief Marketing Officer
Peter was fantastic. One close customer said to me after his talk "this is the most on-point keynote I have heard at an IT event in ages." My comment to Peter once he left the stage was "I don't think you charged me enough." He was terrific, thanks for the recommendation.
Microsoft Corporation, Global Program Manager
“Peter has built an excellent reputation around the world as the leader in his field, and our partnership together has proven this to me personally. I have no hesitation recommending Peter to any business looking to understand their new customers and staff, and to future-proof their organization against the inevitable change they bring”
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