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Eric Termuende

Eric Termuende dispels generational groupings to re-humanize and gain more out of the workforce

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Eric Termuende is the co-founder of NoW of Work, author of the bestselling book Rethink Work, and global keynote speaker. Having been on hundreds of stages and worked with and studied the greatest places to work in the world he knows what it takes to build incredible teams that are resilient, innovative, and ready for the future of work.

A former World Economic Forum Global Shaper and recognized as one of the Top 100 Emerging Innovators under 35 by American Express, his ideas have been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, The Hu!ngton Post, The Globe and Mail, and many more.

One-Degree Shifts: Building Tomorrow’s Greatest Places to Work

With the pandemic closer and closer to being in the rear-view mirror, many leaders are asking ‘now what?’ As we navigate our next steps together, an agile mindset and the desire to choose to innovate are going to be key to thriving in the workplace of tomorrow. How do we continue to innovate while not rocking the boat too much? It turns out that those who are succeeding in a post-covid world most are the ones that continue to experiment, build trust, and work through problems together.
In this completely tailored, engaging, and takeaway-loaded presentation, workplace expert
Eric Termuende shares what years of research, stories, and insights uncover about the one-degree shifts leaders use to remove friction, improve communication, and innovate. From Domino’s Pizza to the British Cycling Team, discover how the consistent application of small, incremental changes builds tomorrow’s greatest places to work.

In this presentation, leaders will learn the secret of a one-degree shift to:

-Reduce friction and build trust
-Increase effectiveness of remote/hybrid teams
-Build a culture of innovation
-Understand your role in creating a ‘greatest place to work’
-Discover what cilantro teaches us about strong workplace culture

My one-liner at the top of the page should be replaced with: Eric Termuende is helping leaders build incredible teams and tomorrow’s greatest places to work. His one-degree shift methodology enables leaders to build trust, remove friction, and create a culture of experimentation. His keynotes have been delivered hundreds of times to organizations including IBM, The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Zoom, TD, BMO and The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. Eric is a perfect conference opener who kickstarts the day, unites the audience, and leaves attendees with memorable stories, and a refreshingly unique take on leadership, culture, and the future of work.

Leading Remote Teams: Maintaining Engagement, Productivity, and Happiness

Having studied some of the world’s best companies and surveyed thousands of employees, workplace expert and bestselling author Eric Termuende knows that those who lead remote teams do three things effectively: They communicate well, reduce friction, and are highly empathetic. With the world changing at a break-neck pace, there are key steps we can take today to ensure that we’re mitigating burnout and getting the most out of our teams whether working remotely or together in the o!ce.

In this fully customized, insightful, and takeaway-filled keynote, Eric Termuende shares leadership stories from the Cleveland Browns to Chicago’s Holy Cross Hospital to uncover what makes for an incredible workplace experience. Building stronger remote teams requires a deeper understanding of how we use our time, connect with our people, and tie recognition back to our values. While the future is anything but certain, the actions we take today are sure to prepare us for whatever the world throws our way.

Attendees will learn:

• How to build a deeper sense of trust with your remote team

• The three golden rules of recognition

• Where a stronger foundation of belonging resides and how to access it

• The research-backed correlation between recognition and engagement

• How leaders can take ownership of company culture remotely

Can You Make It? What a Race Across Europe Fuelled By RedBull Teaches Us About Leadership and Building Thriving Teams

300 people on 100 teams with 7 days to get from London to Berlin. The catch? No communication with anyone outside your team, no currency or credit cards, no pre-arranged accommodation and no pre-arranged transportation – only 24 cans of RedBull. Would we make it? And what would it teach us about leading and cultivating an incredible team?

In this highly entertaining, always surprising keynote, hear from Eric Termuende as he takes you on his harrowing escapade across Europe. Learn how his team overcame new languages, new modes of transportation, and navigated their way across an unfamiliar continent before crossing the finish line and completing the journey of a lifetime.

Leadership and team development doesn’t just happen in the o!ce. A remarkable story with unforgettable lessons may be exactly what your leaders need to be energized, engaged, and equipped with a new set of tools to lead their team.

In this highly engaging, interactive presentation, you’ll learn:

• How to reduce friction across your team

• What the difference between forced innovation and chosen innovation is and how to execute

• Why choosing the road less travelled is more effective than the highway

• How empathy, trust, and experimentation breed success

• How to empower the team to rise to any challenge

• Why failure almost always leads to success

• And finally, how to travel 2,013 miles across a continent you’ve never been to before without anything to trade other than a few cans of a ca”einated sugar drink

Virtual programs available

One-Degree Shifts: Keeping Employee Engagement High While Working Remotely

No matter how we slice it, this new normal is difficult to adjust to. This transition is much more than moving from our office to our home, it is about adjusting to a new way to live life both with our co-workers and family and friends, too. How is it, in these trying times, that we avoid ‘Zoom fatigue’ while still maintaining a sense of trust, community, belonging, and psychological safety?

In this webinar, hear from best-selling author Eric Termuende as he shares best practices and frameworks for a remote workforce.

Attendees will learn:

  • An easy-to-use framework that gives everyone a voice
  • A new way to look at employee engagement
  • Three tips to improve your communication via web meetings
  • How to reduce friction at home and while working
  • Unexpected practices that build trust and community

Presentation 2

Developing Soft Skills in Times of Change

Wherever you look—the World Economic Forum’s ‘Future of Jobs’ Report, Royal Bank of Canada, McKinsey, etc.—it is becoming increasingly clear that to succeed in the workplace of the future, soft skills must be developed. Especially for leaders. As leaders, we need to be better active listeners, problem solvers, critical thinkers, dynamic speakers, managers of time, and learners. We need this for employees, as well.

The problem, though, is that we don’t even have a way to assess soft skills, let alone how to improve them. How can we measure what we can’t set a baseline for and don’t know how to measure?

In this presentation, Eric Termuende will walk attendees through the current and future working environment to build a better sense of trust, belonging, and better communication.

You’ll learn:

  • 3 best practices to boost soft skill development amongst team members
  • How to proactively create a sense of belonging in the workplace
  • Unlock the secret to better feedback practices
  • How to mitigate poor short turnover and high tenure

Max attendees: no maximum

Platform used: Zoom or WebEx

Tech requirements: I have everything I need – light, mic, webcam, etc.

Time: 45-50 minutes + Q+A (total = 60 minutes) – NOTE* this is flexible and I’m happy to work with the client

Eric is a top keynote speaker that is captivating and engaging, even in a virtual setting. His professionalism and personality show his expert ability to connect with people and provide well-understood and tangible takeaways for his audience. We look forward to working with Eric again and highly recommend him to other organizations looking for an engaging speaker with exciting ideas for improving workplaces and challenging the growth and development of staff.
Susan Schoenberg, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Today’s presentation was great and I’m delighted at the response from the Team. The videos, the customization, and of course, your presence, knowledge, and energy made it a huge success! I’ve contracted and supported many Executive Leadership Summits for the agency over the years and it is not often that they say…”This is the best Summit we’ve ever had!” There’s been a lot of that type of feedback today and it is much deserved and well-earned praise.
Michel Lagacé - Dell Technologies
In October 2020, in the middle of this Pandemic crisis, we had the pleasure to work with Eric for one of our episodes of our Dell Technologies Thought Leader Series. In addition to being a very fun person to work with, Eric was very generous of his time and an amazing presenter that our customers love!!!! His story was very inspiring and helped people with a different perspective during these difficult times.
Nadia Ahmed -Senior Conference Producer, Key Media
Wow, just WOW. Safe to say that was the best virtual presentation we’ve done yet, and not just for this event! The comments section definitely showcased that. Thank you very much for that incredible presentation. I will be in touch again very soon.
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