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John Sitilides

Washington D.C. government affairs specialist and consultant to the Department of State

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John Sitilides is Principal at Trilogy Advisors LLC in Washington, D.C., specializing in U.S. government relations, geopolitical risk, and international affairs. Delivering exclusive geopolitical risk reports, webcasts, and related products and services to institutional capital market and retail clients, he is a professional speaker at corporate, investor, and industry conferences, and before government, military and intelligence community audiences, on geopolitical risk management and the business impacts of international security policies. He explores the complex geopolitical and geo-economic decisions that impact markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and worldwide, helping corporate executives, investment managers and civic audiences better understand, anticipate, and mitigate risk.

His domestic client portfolio includes industry leaders in real estate development, home construction and agribusiness, along with aviation and emerging technology companies, with a specialization in environmental regulatory reform and private property rights protection. He launched his career as a communications and legislative aide in the U.S. Senate and on a series of successful political campaigns.

Under a U.S. government contract since 2006, Sitilides is the Southern Europe Regional Coordinator at the Foreign Service Institute, the State Department’s professional development and diplomacy academy for American foreign policy professionals. He was Board Chairman of the Woodrow Wilson Center Southeast Europe Project from 2005-2011, following seven years as Executive Director of the Western Policy Center, an international relations institute specializing in U.S., NATO and EU interests in southeastern Europe and the Middle East, until he negotiated its 2004 merger with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

He has testified before Congress and is a frequent national security commentator on U.S. and international media such as Bloomberg News, CNN, FOX News, and CNN International. He is also interviewed on Chinese, Russian, German, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Israeli, and Arab television as well as having been interviewed and cited in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, Politico, National Public Radio, Euromoney, Asia Times, Institutional Investor, South China Morning Post and other leading print and digital media.

Sitilides serves on the Board of Directors of 3doo, Inc, a VR360 media technology company, and on the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees of Leadership 100, a national Orthodox Christian foundation. He served on the Board of Directors of Biovest, developing personalized cancer immunotherapies; the Board of Directors of International Orthodox Christian Charities, a global humanitarian organization; and the Board of Governors of the Advanced Imaging Society, promoting the global motion picture industry’s arts and technologies.

He is a member of the Association of International Risk Intelligence Professionals, the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, the Columbia University Club of Washington, D.C., and the Association of Former Senate Aides. Sitilides holds a Master’s Degree in International and Public Affairs from Columbia University. He lives in McLean, VA with his wife, who is an attorney and businesswoman, and their four teenage sons.

America and the World 2024: Geopolitics and the Presidential Agenda

This keynote more deeply examines the strategic disengagement of the U.S. and Chinese economies, especially the increasing shift of global supply chains out of China, as well as the escalated tensions between the U.S. and Iran that can suddenly disrupt equities markets and world energy supplies.

Specifically, my presentation includes up-to-the-minute geopolitical intelligence into the launch of “phase two” U.S.-China trade talks, with focus on global 5G technology competition; the widening scope of multiple Middle Eastern conflicts and energy rivalries; more nuclear weapons threats from North Korea against Japan and South Korea; European post-Brexit strategies for Germany’s slowing economy, Russian political disruption, and African mass migration; the emergence of India on the Asian and global industrial stage; social and political turmoil throughout Latin America; and the transformation of many African economies into the world’s next factory floor.

My presentation incorporates powerful insights into how these multiple global developments impact – and will be impacted by – the U.S. presidential campaigns through the end of the year. I can also include updated insights into Electoral College strategies, more detailed understanding of accurate election forecasting, and potential outcomes for international relations beginning 2021 of President Trump’s re-election or defeat.

Global Risks, Geopolitical Strategy & American Leadership 2020

President Donald J. Trump’s international relations and national security policies confront a range of major stresses in the global economy and a complex array of high-stakes global risk and geopolitical flashpoints in Russia, China, the Middle East and Europe. The Trump Administration is charged with managing key power relationships with major political and military adversaries and the driving engines of the international macro-economic system. President Trump’s domestic priorities include renewed domestic energy projects and exports, review of current and potential trade agreements, repatriation of trillions of dollars from foreign banks, and the advancement of new manufacturing technologies. If effectively implemented, these policies could produce fundamental shifts in the U.S. and global economies. Can President Trump successfully identify and encourage capable partners to relieve the U.S. of its worldwide economic and military burdens? Can he preserve and strengthen the current international order by encouraging meaningful diplomatic efforts, and empowering allies and partners to assume greater responsibility for regional stability? And how will such fundamental shifts affect the course of the U.S. economy and related investment, business and corporate policies? This presentation starkly and dispassionately assesses and explores the Trump Administration’s objectives on the global stage, helping corporate executives, investment managers and civic leaders better understand and mitigate risk against the backdrop of political, economic and social disruption around the world.

​“Wobbling the Colossus: The Greek Roots of the Euro Crisis”

A critical assessment of the viability of the European Union as a trading partner and global power, as well as the Euro as a viable global currency.

Panel moderator, discussion leader or interviewer
Virtual presentation available: The Next World: Geopolitical Risk and Global Strategies After the Crisis

John has built a professional studio in my home office, using a mounted 4K camera, a USB microphone and studio lighting. The home studio uses a FIOS Gigabit router delivering exceptional data upload speed, to ensure a seamless, high-quality streaming presentation at all times.

GAIM Ops & GAIM | KNect365
John Sitilides gave our keynote talk on geo-political risks at the GAIM Ops Cayman event in April 2017, a 500+ person event for COO/CCO/CFOs in the alternative investment industry. I’ve been working in conferences for 5 years and I can honestly say it was one of the best talks I’ve seen. John provided fascinating insights on geo-political issues including Russia, China, the Middle East, North Korea and Europe – using simple techniques like turning maps on their side to really bring a new perspective to your understanding of the issues and appreciate their significance on a whole new level. Mixed with really cutting edge and update to date knowledge of the topic and latest political developments, and the fact John is an excellent and engaging speaker, made for a fascinating presentation. Our audience loved it. The room was packed and it’s been rated as a favorite session by many of the attendees. John is top of my list for any geo-political analysis in the future.
Financial Risk Mitigation, Inc.
“I thought your presentation at GAIM Ops London was brilliant. As an enthusiastic observer of world events, I found your presentation to be the most concisely informative and interesting presentation I have probably ever heard on the world's current and future trouble zones.”
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