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Tamara Bunte

Tamara Bunte

America’s #1 Sales Coach, Master Keynote Sales Speaker Tamara Bunte advises and trains winners.

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America’s #1 Sales Coach, Master Keynote Sales Speaker Tamara Bunte advises and trains winners. Having worked with Fortune 500 companies, Executives, Managers, Success Coaches and Sales Professionals, Tamara focuses on training her clients to be peak performers in leadership and Sales.

Over the past 15 years Tamara has excelled in the world of coaching, helping to transform market leaders into the best version of themselves.

Notable Credentials: National Keynote Sales Speaker – Master Trainer of NLP/Hypnosis – Peak Performance Coach – Dale Carnegie Instructor – Trainer for Robbins Research International.

Tamara’s influenced hundreds of thousands of people with her inspiring sales presentations, CD’s and her groundbreaking book, Proverbs for Selling. She’s positively changed the lives of sales professionals across the country – taking them from being order takers to trained sales professionals.


Inspire your sales team to take consistent, intelligent action to build their prospecting pipeline. They will learn how to take a classier approach to prospecting new clients and follow-up skills to actually get call backs. This presentation is all about having an execution strategy. What do you say on the fourth voicemail when you’ve called an interested client three times and they haven’t called you back? How do you get the decision maker to actually call back and want to talk with you? How do you maintain a positive mindset while waiting for your commission checks? Your team will close more sales, and your managers will increase compliance and productivity.

When your team members use TAMARA BUNTE’s best innovative strategies necessary to sell in today’s business environment, they will be able to:

* Ask and obtain vertical referrals…The classy way
*Execute their sales strategy to close more deals
* Implement the 7 secrets of selling to influence buyers
* Get a 96% call back rate using voicemail
* Win over classic objections and get the prospect to
want to buy
* Economy-proof your business and become a true sales professional instead of an order taker
*Win people to your way of thinking and create systems for your success


Who do you contact after you’ve called all of your sales leads? How do you define money-producing activity? How do you organize your contacts so you can close more sales? What do you say to that person you met 8 months ago and want to get an appointment? Stop trying to sell people that will never buy and learn how to ask questions that establish your value. Implement Tamara’s newest innovative strategies:

  • Know who to call, when to call and what to say to win business.
  • Sales Statistics (networking, referrals, cold calling, etc.) – Success ratios and how to convince people to buy fromYOU.
  • Get Organized – Master paper and technology so you aren’t a professional paper shuffler.
  • Don’t become a professional visitor. Establish value so your prospects invite you in for a meeting.
  • Create a follow-up structure so your prospects are positioned to buy.
  • How to revive a dead lead.
  • Ask smarter questions that lead to prospects deciding and buying.
  • Words to Avoid – Understand how sales people talk prospects OUT of an appointment.
  • Prospecting is making new friends. Becomea professional friend finder!

Persuasion is the process of getting your customers to associate the act of “not buying” to the feeling of pain. Do you know how to influence your clients to persuade their friends to buy from you? Referrals have nothing to do with the salesperson or their product/service-and everything to do with whether or not you will make your clients look good to their friends. Learn to gain leverage so that referring you becomes their burning desire! Increase sales with Tamara’s classy referral process.

  • Convert one sale into multiple sales – the easy way to get referrals.
  • Discover how to create an environment in which the right people seek you out!
  • Ask for and win vertical referrals the classy way – from every client.
  • Position yourself to be referred up and make the client excited about referring you.
  • Learn how to get a 100% call back rate on referral business.
  • Create a referral form and triple your business.
  • Overcome the dreaded response, “I’ll have them call you.”
  • Get multiple referrals from every client and convert them into business.
  • Get what you ask for – and ask for more!

Do you believe your current income is as good as it’s going to get? Do you procrastinate? Is your energy level based on what the economy is doing or what YOU are doing? Learn to create a future worth living for and unlock the mental distractions that hold us back from becoming the best version of ourselves. Get a mindset makeover! Have you ever met an enthusiastic failure? Apply the book of wisdom to your sales career and master your approach to deadly distractions. Each team member will discover these takeaways:

  • Incorporate Power Words – Learn influence techniques to control the emotions of your clients.
  • Gain greater power and influence over yourself.
  • Nine ways to change behavior for optimal performance.
  • Turn knowledge into action – max out at your potential.
  • Mindset Makeover – How to achieve the goals you set.
  • Changing beliefs that don’t server you.
  • Learn how to model successful people.
  • It’s not about your resources; it’s about how resourceful you are.
  • Tap into your inner entrepreneur and master your mindset.
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Sales – Master your emotions and win at the game of selling.
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