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Sebastian Terry

Sebastian Terry

Sebastian’s incredible story has grown from an entertaining tale of adventure into a global philanthropic movement

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  • Author
  • Star of 100 Things
  • Sebastian’s presentation offers perspective to individuals to assist them in finding purpose whether it be on a personal level, a business level or within the greater community.

Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, TV Host, & Founder of the 100things Movement

Driven by a passion to see others achieve, Sebastian’s one-of-a-kind story has organically become a powerful catalyst for personal growth and organizational transformation.

Leveraging the power of goal setting & striving as a vehicle to maximize mental wellness, individual productivity and team engagement, Sebastian’s action-based keynote integrates individual evolution with professional development.

Shocked by the death of a close friend in his mid-twenties, Sebastian experienced a moment in his life where he asked himself a simple question; ‘Am I happy?’. The answer was NO, and so, he created a list of 100things that he hoped would transform his life.

For over a decade Seb has been chasing down the goals on his list and teaching others how to do the same.

From marrying a stranger in Vegas (Goal #2) and delivering a baby (#23), to living on a deserted island for 1 week (#63) and even helping a quadreplegic man complete a half marathon by pushing him (#26), Sebastian’s story has been turned into a bestselling book, his own reality show and a renowned keynote that has inspired millions of people around the world.

The impact of time and experience has helped shape Seb’s journey from the pursuit of fun and exciting life goals to the realization that these strategies transfer to the mechanics of organizational health.

Blending masterful storytelling with processes, research and data from the field, Sebastian’s keynote offers equal shots of inspiration, education, and entertainment, leaving his audience with a toolkit & mindset for ongoing growth…

Often noted as the highlight of any conference he presents at, Sebastian’s keynote is an experience that will make you audience laugh, think, cry and ultimately take action.

Why wait? Using goals as a vehicle for change

In a world of constant disruption and change, it’s our goals that act as our personal vehicle for evolution. Integrating every aspect of our lives, Sebastian’s keynote reframes not only our perspective on what it is to realize and attain personal and professional ambition, but how to turn goals into reality in just 4 steps. In a story that has gained global attention, Sebastian shares how personal development inspires collective evolution.

Audience Takeaways:

Maximizing performance through values-based autonomous goal setting
Why wait? Creating your catalyst moment NOW
The 4 steps to creating your ultimate list
Linking personal growth and professional development
The science of goal-striving & pursuing passion Putting the ACTION into your action plan
Accountability through group connection

Building an Unstoppable Mindset: Mastering Mental Health

The importance of mental wellness cannot be overstated; from personal ambition and achievement to professional engagement and performance, mental health is at the heart of everything we do. Combining his own story with from-the-field data, Sebastian’s keynote delivers an 8-step process with actionable steps to address personal wellness, workplace performance and community connection.

Audience Takeaways:

Self analysis as a gateway to self discovery
Harnessing disruption & adversity as a fuel for growth
Outgrowing your comfort zone
Building resilience, optimism and wellness through autonomous goal setting
The positive psychology of goal setting, goal striving and goal attainment
Creating frameworks for long term success
The 3 C’s: connection, conversation & community

Building Culture the Right Way Up: Creating A Mutually Beneficial Workplace

Company culture is key to organizational health. Combining values-driven vision, inclusive frameworks and actionable channels, Sebastian’s keynote delves into the building blocks of a healthy culture, linking individual development to organizational vision.

Audience Takeaways:

Aligning values as the framework for growth
Cultivating purpose-driven leadership
Building a we win, I win culture
Fostering inclusive environments to develop talent
Creating responsive & agile frameworks Developing healthy ecosystems for communication & connection

The 100 Keynote Presentation: What's on your list

Permission – Choice – Accountability – Connection – Growth

Dynamic, powerful, and highly inspirational, the 100 Things keynote is told through the lens of Sebastian’s incredible personal story.

Delivered with wit, insight, and relatability, this keynote not only inspires change but creates a decisive pathway for individuals & organizations to help identify values, create impactful goals, build effective and personalized action plans, while also leaving a lasting and agile tool kit that can be referenced long after your event has ended.

Sebastian uses masterful storytelling and principles of psychology to cut to the core of human behavior, personal achievement, and well-being with an integrated approach that will have your audience laughing, crying, thinking, and taking action.


  • Redefining Purpose
  • Resilience: Overcoming Adversity
  • A Healthy You: A Healthy Community
  • Growth & Connection
  • Permission
  • Accountability
  • The Power of Choice
  • Finding Your Why
  • Meaningful Goal Setting
  • Action & The Power of NOW
  • Outgrowing Your Comfort Zone
  • Personal Empowerment, Development & Leadership
  • Value Identification
  • Selfish to Selfless
  • The Ripple Effect


  • How to Create Your List- Dreaming Big
  • The Art of Achieving- Being You
  • Balance & Wellbeing
  • Building Community – Trust, Authenticity & Passion
  • Power of Action- Permission
  • Helping Others
  • 100 Things ‘Create Your List’ Workshop. Brings together your team via a dynamic and action-packed deep-dive session to help identify personal values, create impactful lists, and take the first steps towards actually achieving their goals in the workshop!
  • Dream Wall. Acting as an interactive art installation, the Dream Wall encourages staff to share personal and work-related dreams & goals on a giant canvas. Resulting in a beautiful and compelling art piece, delegates will connect, bond, and collaborate uniquely.
  • Guinness World Record Attempt. Dipping into a more experiential space, a specially designed Guinness World Record rallies attendees into a fun and competitive environment aimed at connecting, progressing and having fun with previously discussed topics.

We all have the innate ability and desire to help people – what we lack though is opportunity.

Sebastian’s Kindsum keynote provides insight, inspiration, and a framework for individuals and organizations to learn from and leverage to create social impact in their personal and professional lives.

Exploring the mechanics of emotional intelligence, compassion, empathy, and the concept of community, this touching and dynamic keynote shares lessons learned from the incredible story of Kindsum and shows that whether it be at home, in the workplace, or further afield, the untapped potential of true connection can be the difference between a life well-lived or a business well-led.

Rounding out the 100 Things philosophy that once we look after ourselves, we’re truly ready to serve others, Sebastian uniquely taps into business culture and the power of the individual as a driving force for change.


  • Empathy, Compassion & Emotional intelligence
  • The 3 Steps to Social Impact: Opportunity – Example – Inclusion
  • The Science of Kindness
  • Connection
  • Shifting Perspective
  • Bravery Through Vulnerability
  • Growing & Activating Community
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Peer-to-Peer Altruism


  • 3 Steps to Activating Kindness In Your Community
  • Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Creating Opportunity through Trust
  • Emotional Intelligence Workshop. Focusing on the psychological aspect of social impact, the Kindsum workshop takes delegates through a series of exercises and fun challenges aimed at strengthening emotional intelligence and creating ideas and action-plans for an ongoing kindness mindset.
  • Kindsum Community Project. What better way to show how easy kindness can be than to offer a live opportunity for delegates to engage with? Using a unique process that sources a kindness opportunity from your own community, and then allows your delegates to volunteer, we execute a kindness project that will invigorate, unite, and inspire everyone involved. Capturing this project on film and editing in accordingly allows an additional opportunity to further spread the powerful message through sharing the content amongst your network and client base.
  • Kindsum – A Corporate Giving Platform. Kindsum now also integrates its technology with corporate clients looking to make social impact through corporate giving. Leveraging the Kindsum platform allows organizations to offer their staff personalized and efficient volunteering opportunities in line with a volunteering program.
Virtual presentations available
Intalock Technologies Pty Limited, Australia
Inspirational, Engaging, Funny, and Life Changing..... From the moment Seb walked on stage, he had the undivided attention from our Customers and Partners throughout his Keynote Address. His life journey and experiences were insightful and filled the room with laughter and emotions. Feedback from our senior executives included one of the best Keynotes ever through to Seb's talk resonating with the event's theme, whilst promoting helping others. I would thoroughly recommend Seb's talk at any event... and thank you for topping off our event as one of the best!!”
As the last speaker at a full day event, Sebastian had quite the task ahead of him when presenting to a conference-weary audience. Sebastian instantly lit up the room, and re-energised the crowd with his captivating story, getting them fired up to take on the world! A big thanks to you Sebastian, on behalf of the Airtasker team.”
“Sebastian was absolutely phenomenal and had our audience in both laughter and tears. He inspired so many people and has changed the mindset and outlook on life for many of our employees. Such an incredible person with a passionate, courageous and authentic view on life. In our internal feedback survey 93% of our employees said Sebastian was Excellent. What a great find.”
Opal Group
“Sebastian Terry is a remarkable person and speaker. He brought such a lively energy to the stage as he shared his story and message to members of the financial community. His journey and his message are very powerful and very touching. He reached so many of our attendees in many different ways. The audience absolutely loved him. We would highly recommend him to all audiences. He is not only a top notch speaker, but he is also a touch notch human being.”
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