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Ricky Kalmon

Ricky Kalmon

Programs That Are A Rare Combination Of Hilarity And Empowerment.

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Ricky Kalmon’s hypnosis show has amazed audiences around the world. He has made numerous special guest appearances on ESPN, Hallmark Channel, Fox, FX, TV Guide and Comedy Central. Kalmon’s uniqueness comes from the way he combines music, audience participation, and comedy to create an unforgettable show that is unmatched by anyone. It’s a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat and take you on a Vacation of the Mind! A Ricky Kalmon show is more than a comedy show—it’s an experience!™ He was the star of his own show on the Disney ChannelSNAP, which featured Ricky hypnotizing parents at the request of kids! Ricky was recently featured on ESPN NFL SUNDAY COUNTDOWN in a special segment with Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry. In addition, Ricky was also featured on Hallmark Channels Show – Home and Family.

Corporate Entertainer

“Standing Ovations are the rule, not the exception!” Ricky Kalmon brings high-energy, clean, and impressive entertainment to corporate events around the world. Ricky’s programs are a rare combination of hilarity and empowerment. Walk in prepared to be entertained—but when you leave, you’ll be amazed by the experience. Award-winning sports teams have been captivated by Ricky’s performances. Among them are the USC Football Team, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Anaheim Angeles. Ricky’s programs are truly the ultimate in audience participation. Companies such as AT&T, Dell, Boeing, GE, Philips, Sysco, Enterprise Rent A Car, LexisNexis and Glaxo Smith Kline have all experience firsthand the ultimate in audience participation that Ricky’s show offers for corporate entertainment. Having hypnotized and amazed thousands of people, Ricky Kalmon is the number one, most requested hypnotist in the country and appeals to all demographics.

Motivational Speaker

“Inspired Our Organization!” Riveting, hilarious, and everything in between, Ricky Kalmon delivers programs that will change the way you live, work, and think. His motto, “Change the way you think, and you can change your world,” truly reflects the content of his motivational empowerment program. Ricky’s programs go beyond motivation to offering take-home value to his audience. Ricky’s programs are customized to enhance a culture of personal and professional accountability. Regardless of your intentions, type of business, or personal goals, doubt can sabotage your success before you even try to make them a reality. Having the right mindset can take your team and organization to the next level of success by reinforcing their unshakable belief in your goals, desires, and growth. Effectively titled “Unlock the Power Within™,” Ricky Kalmon’s programs are inspirational and offer compelling, applicable tools anyone can use in personal and professional development from reducing stress, Unlocking Your Selling Ability™, and even health and wellness. These keynote programs truly offer individuals and teams a way to invest in themselves to enhance success.

Unlock Your Selling Ability™ Keynote

Regardless of your business, sales is about offering solutions. Unlocking Your Selling Ability™ keynote program offers your team key elements to be more conscious of becoming a problem solver and solution provider. In addition, the program offers ways to enhance mindset, reduce stress, and create success, as well as techniques to increase confidence and positive attitude and overcome challenges. This program is customized to enhance your products, services, and overall corporate culture. Confidence and beliefs are incredibly strong, especially in sales. They have the power to attract emotions, actions, and outcomes. If you doubt your ability to succeed, then, in fact, you actually believe you WON’T succeed. Then sure enough, you have hypnotized yourself based on your beliefs. Top leaders, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals all have a common characteristic, which is a strong mindset. They learn not to let doubt, frustration, or negativity get the best of them. Learn to be the go-to person to your clients and offer the best solutions. Call or email our office today to discuss a program that best fits your team. Keynote Highlights: 1 Stop sabotaging your goals! Create thoughts that accelerate success! 2 Transform internal beliefs and doubts into positive motivators 3 Reduce stress and enhance focus toward goals 4 Adopt the mindset of a solution provider 5 Develop the self-confidence to succeed, even under pressure

Confidence, Attitude, and Belief Keynote

Confidence can be the key element that leads an individual, team or company to new heights of success. Personal and professional motivation are fueled by confidence. In addition, it is confidence in one’s own abilities that strengthens belief. The subconscious mind holds on to individual’s belief in their own success, whether that belief is positive or negative. Ricky Kalmon’s customized program reveals the importance of reinforcing positive intentions and putting them to action with the conviction and belief necessary to make them reality. Often, we neglect human performance and the importance of motivation and employee engagement. This program promotes habits of personal attention to awaken, inspire, and grow your confidence! Reinforcement of a positive mindset can get you on the right track to ignite your team’s confidence, attitudes, and beliefs. Call or email our office today to discuss a program that best fits your team. Keynote Highlights: 1 Boost confidence and belief in goals and abilities 2 Replace negative thoughts with powerful affirmations to reinforce thoughts and results 3 Create personal attention to your thoughts, beliefs, and mindset and their impact on success 4 Reinforce positive intentions to create inspire action toward your goals 5 Overcome discouragement and negative self-talk with positive convictions and self-esteem.

Corporate Entertainment - Comedy Hypnosis Show

Are you tired of “so so” speakers and “just like last time” corporate entertainment? Ricky Kalmon’s high-energy and exciting show has redefined corporate entertainment. Always tasteful, always hilarious, but never predictable, no two shows are alike. The most requested stage hypnotist in the country, Ricky Kalmon knows how to melt the ice, break barriers, increase team communication, and turn your event into a memorable, interactive one. Whether you’re having an internal or client event, Ricky Kalmon will exceed your expectations on every level. For over two decades, Kalmon’s hypnosis show has amazed audience around the world. In addition, he has made numerous special guest appearances on ESPN, Hallmark Channel, HLN, Disney, Fox, FX, E, and Comedy Central. Ricky’s corporate entertainment has earned accolades by Fortune 500 companies and professional athletic organizations around the world. Ricky Kalmon’s unique corporate entertainment platform: • Delivers high energy, enthusiasm, and excitement that lasts long after the event, • Offers a customized show that powerfully integrates your business theme into the excitement, • Is ice-melting, barrier-dissolving, and the ultimate in audience participation, • Provides one-of-a-kind interactive experiences – always in good taste, and • Appeals to all demographics

Culture of Accountability Keynote

Culture of Accountability in Business and in Life! Accountability is valuable asset not only for an organization, but also for each individual. Accountability can be the key software element that takes a company to the next level of success. Ricky Kalmon customizes a motivational keynote program on culture of accountability based on your organization’s needs. Culture is created by habits. These habits can be good or bad. They also can keep us stuck in patterns that limit our services, products, and success. Once we detect a pattern we were previously unconscious of, we can choose differently. With awareness comes choice, and with choice, we gain the ability to hold ourselves accountable to a common factor of success. Corporate culture is a growing process. It requires ongoing effort and reinforcement. Enhance your culture of accountability with a unique program that values and engages your team to the next level of success. Ricky Kalmon’s corporate keynote program offers executives and employees at all levels a way to bring out the best in themselves. Call or email our office today to discuss a program that best fits your organization and team. Keynote Highlights: 1 Develop personal accountability to meet or exceed expectations 2 Remove barriers and obstacles to enhance personal responsibility for outcomes and success 3 Replace negativity with a positive attitude 4 Instill a culture where employees feel valued and motivated 5 Create a corporate climate that encourages employee engagement and participation

Ricky Kalmon's Comedy Hypnosis Show

Ricky Kalmon’s Comedy Show Delivers…

  • Interactive experience – always in good taste – clean and politically correct!
  • Appealing to all audiences and demographics
  • Customized to fit the theme of corporate events
  • High-energy entertainment
  • Ice-melting and barrier-dissolving presentation
Reducing Stress and Improving Wellness Keynote

Reducing stress in the workplace is vital in any organization. The overall effect of stress reduction has a direct impact on the organization as a whole and its employees. The benefits are astounding and can reduce absenteeism and employee illness. Stress creates headaches, tension, stomach problems, fatigue, and a multitude of other health issues. Reducing stress levels improves mental, emotional, and physical health, as well as productivity and relationships. The people in an organization are its lifeline. Ricky Kalmon’s programs value individuals and help them create a shift in the way they think and live. It’s truly a transformational experience that can be benefit one’s professional and personal life. The Reducing Stress and Improving Wellness motivational keynote program is customized based on your organization’s needs and team. Ricky’s goal is to add take home-value and practical application to techniques that produce results. Objectives • Stress reduction, health improvements, and a positive mental attitude increase employee productivity and effectiveness, and it’s proven to increase focus, concentration, and awareness. • As employee morale improves, turnover rates decline. Happy employees rank higher in job satisfaction and loyalty. They are less likely to change employment, saving organizations the costs of interviewing, hiring, and training new employees. • Reducing stress increases cooperation among departments and employees. When calm and focused, there is a noticeable reduction in negative emotions, which improves interaction and positive communication. • Reposition and transform your team and organization’s environment. Integrate a comprehensive program that creates a culture of personal and professional accountability.

Unlock the Power Within™

Enhance and Leverage Your Mindset

  • Tailor-made program to fit your message and theme of event!
  • Learn how to control stress and tension, to perform at your fullest potential!
  • Increase confidence, positive attitude and overcome challenges!
  • Awaken and inspire your subconscious mind to affirm and attend to your goals, desires, and passions!
  • Enhance a culture of personal and professional accountability!
Taking Successful Cultures to the Next Level by Reducing Stress and Enhancing Human Potential!

Did you know that most high performing individuals and leaders are actually far more self-critical, pessimistic, and fearful than they let on? Mindset Expert, Ricky Kalmon, changes the way you think. No matter how successful you may be – there are no limits on how far you can go. Ricky will show you how to awaken your mindset easily and effectively into inspired action. This isn’t the typical motivational moment. Leveraging Your Mindset is about organizational transformation. Using the most powerful asset of your mindset, you can grow beyond excellence, into a spectacular realization of your best self. Become a better leader and be a better you.

Transformation at this level isn’t as difficult as we think. Reducing stress, removing doubt, and enhancing optimistic vision promotes momentum for Leveraging Your Mindset. You have the ability; you have the desire. Now, you’ll know how to get them to work for you! Don’t miss this exclusive program to learn the techniques that truly do leverage your mindset.

Benefits of Ricky Kalmon’s programs include: 

* Stress Reduction / Mindfulness * Easily Overcoming Challenges / Adapting to Change * Increasing Accountability and Unrealized Potential * Reinforcing Confidence / Attitude and Belief * Igniting Purpose and Prosperity

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