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Peter Ricchiutti

Peter Ricchiutti

Humorous Economist and Business School Profress at Tulane

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  • Peter Ricchiuti (Ri-Shooty) is the business school professor you wish you had back in college!
  • Peter started his career with the investment firm of Kidder Peabody and later managed over three billion dollars as the assistant treasurer for the state of Louisiana.
  • In 1993 he founded Tulane’s highly acclaimed BURKENROAD REPORTS student stock research program.
  • Peter also hosts a popular weekly business show on National Public Radio in New Orleans called “Out To Lunch” and recently published his first book “STOCKS UNDER ROCKS”.

PETER RICCHIUTI (Ri-Chooty) IS CLEAR, COMPELLING, RELEVANT, AND ENTERTAINING. (You know, exactly what you don’t expect from an economic speaker.)

He is the business professor you wish you had back in college. He teaches at Tulane University and has received numerous awards. In a competition, Peter’s teaching delivery skills placed him atop of entries from more than 400 universities representing 43 countries. He has been featured in/on The Wall Street Journal, BARRON’s, The New York Times, Bloomberg, CNBC and The Nightly Business Report.

Peter has addressed about 1200 organizations in 47 states and several countries. This includes a wide range of audiences including; nuns, corporate executives, financial planners, RV dealers, insurance associations, tin can manufacturers, waterpark owners and NFL players. He is often booked for repeat engagements and his speeches focus on what’s ahead for the economy and what the financial markets are telling us about the outlook for your particular industry or profession.

Peter began his career at the investment firm of Kidder Peabody & Co in Boston and later managed more than $3 billion as the Chief Investment Officer for the State of Louisiana. He is the host of a popular weekly business show on NPR in New Orleans. Peter is a husband, father, author, media personality (and a darn good public speaker) who has attended games in all 30 current major league ballparks.


“He’s half Warren Buffett and half Robin Williams.”

“This was such a fresh perspective on the economy. I learned a lot and laughed so hard that my abs hurt.”

“Peter is affable and effective. I definitely walked away with knowledge I can immediately use”

“There must be a long line of students waiting to get into his class!”

Market Signals: What the Financial Markets Are Telling Us Now

“If the majority of people were right, the majority of the people would be rich… and they’re not!” Following the herd has rarely produced superior long-term results. Tulane University’s Peter Ricchiuti will share his informative and entertaining perspective on financial markets, the importance of proper diversification, and the cyclical nature of both stocks and investment sectors. He will also tell us about the unusual securities research program he heads up with his students.

Outline of topics covered:
•Politics and Your Investments
•Outlook for the Deficit and Interest Rates
•Outlook for Energy Prices
•Market Valuation Techniques
•Pros and Cons of International Investing

Uncertainty Brings Opportunity

The decisions made by business leaders and investors during tough times determine their relative condition when things improve. Decision makers need the proper tools to correctly balance survival and opportunism. Making the right calls involves blocking out the noise and remembering that if a majority of the people were right, … a majority of the people would be rich.

The Four Most Dangerous Words in Finance: "This Time It's Different!"

Trees don’t really grow to the sky and downturns eventually find some kind of equilibrium point. In times of great optimism and great pessimism we tend to lose sight of historical economic patterns and valuations. Unfortunately, for many each time is the first time. The buzzing background of the 24 hour news cycle only serves to make this worse. We will look at indicators that deliver perspective.

Do These Earnings Make My PE Look Big???

How high is too high? The truth is that no investment is either good or bad. It is all a function of the price that you are buying or selling it at. This kind of thinking is often ignored in a market frenzy. It’s often tough to trust your instincts, focus on the historic patterns and not get swept up by all those talking heads. As economist John Kenneth Galbraith once said “there are two kinds of forecasters, those that don’t know, and those that don’t know that they don’t know.”

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