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Nikki Greenberg

Real Estate Futurist

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* Futurist and thought-leader focused on innovation for the real estate industry
* Founder and Global Ambassador of Women in PropTech
* Current co-chair of the Urban Land Institute’s New York Real Estate Technology and Innovation Council
* Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Innovator (2021), Top 100 Real Estate Executive (2020), Finalist at MIPIM Global PropTech Awards (2019), Finalist at UK PropTech Awards (2019), and Finalist at REFI CRE US Awards (2019)

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Nikki Greenberg is a futurist, strategist and thought leader in the real estate industry. As Founder of Real Estate of the Future, she spends her days finding ways for real estate organizations to gain an edge by capitalizing on PropTech and disruptive innovations. She can be found speaking at leading real estate and technology conferences around the world.
With a focus on innovation, Nikki brings big-picture strategic thinking to the full real estate lifecycle. She entered the real estate industry through her established career in architecture where she worked on multi-award winning transformative mixed-use, multifamily, commercial and retail projects with Lendlease, Koichi Takada, Greenland and others. In New York she held the position of Director of Innovation and Marketing for the luxury brokerages Halstead and Brown Harris Stevens within their new development marketing divisions.

Nikki is an alumni of the UNSW in Sydney, Australia where she attained Masters of International Business with a focus on China; Masters of Architecture and Bachelors of Architecture with honors. She is the Founder and CEO of Women in PropTech, the leading global PropTech networking and education organization. She is the current co-chair of the Urban Land Institute’s New York Technology and Innovation Council and has previously held leadership positions with the National Women in Construction and Propelle.

She has been the recipient of numerous industry awards and accolades including being recognised as a Top 25 CRE Innovator (2021), Top 100 Real Estate Executive (2020), Finalist at MIPIM Global PropTech Awards (2019), Finalist at UK PropTech Awards (2019), and Finalist at REFI CRE US Awards (2019).

Nikki is devoted to charitable endeavors and in 2005 could be found in Thailand where she lent her expertise to rebuilding villages affected by the South East Asian Tsunami. In 2020 she became a Habitat for Humanity Featured Woman in Technology. Nikki is an Australian national that now resides in New York


An entertaining, tongue-in-cheek yet highly informative keynote on the role of service robots, PropTech & automations within real estate. The keynote looks at a history of innovation in the built environment drawing from case studies such as Archigram’s Cities Walking, as well as reflecting on predictions from the popular futuristic cartoon series The Jetsons. The audience is encouraged to interact with one another to discuss and explore what the future that we image might be like.

Topics: Innovation, disruption, real estate, robotics, futurism, sustainability, humanitarianism, architecture

Learnings: Key terminology from tech, robotics and VC. PropTech to enhance operations and UX. The tech-enabled future for CRE.


In 2019, Gen-Z (born 1996-2010) became the largest population group globally. As the first generation to not know a world without the internet, the way that they interact with the world is unique in that they blur the boundary between digital and in-person realities. Gen-Z view products as services and expect a personalized experience from brands. They also turn to social media to search for information and trust reviews over advertising. A New Reality for Realty, explores how Gen-Z’s attitudes and expectations are disrupting the way that real estate is designed and operated, to ensure that what is delivered today will meet the needs of tomorrow.

Topics: Generational change, social media, new technologies, drones, IoT, co-working, co-living, gamification, virtual reality, robots

Learnings: Complimenting physical and digital experiences. Meeting values of Gen-Z. Do’s and don’t for tech adoption


A decade of innovation has been condensed into a matter of weeks as companies implemented new systems in response to Covid-19. The real estate industry has been shaken-up, with the places in which we work, live, shop, dine and play needing a complete rethink. While the new reality for realty now starting to take shape, there is an incredible opportunity to rebuild with technology, innovation, empathy and sustainable development principals to guide the way that developments are designed, transacted, operated and occupied. How do you design for the future and operate in an environment with so many unknowns? How do you identify areas for growth and prosperity? How do you adapt assets to the new realty without degrading their core function? What does design for flexibility look like? How do you rebuild responsibly to create a lasting legacy?

Topics: Rebuilding the industry, COVID-19, CRE, robotics, IoT, future, residential, retail, innovation, realtor, social media, PropTech

Learning: Apply designing thinking to assess your traditional operations. How to focus on a long term outlook in an uncertain environment. International case studies. Design for flexibility of use. How to capitalize on disruption to breed innovation.


To contain the spread of COVID-19, the world underwent the largest work-from-home (WFH) experiment. While offices and co-working spaces sat bare, millions Zoomed and FaceTimed with their clients and colleagues from their home-offices and living rooms. While businesses started to question the necessity of a fixed office, employees questioned their daily commute. Is the Anyplace Workplace practical long term? How can physical realty support and thrive in this new reality? What is the impact on the residential market and the nature of cities as the new reality sets in? How can one capitalize on the opportunities of this environment through transit-oriented development, service robots and IoT? What role do brokers and asset managers play?

Topics: Office, transit-oriented development, social media, PropTech, COVID-19, future workplace, innovation, IoT, realtor

Learnings: Global case studies on flexible office, transit-oriented developments, and digital workplace. How to rethink and adapt the use of existing assets. Building a lasting legacy. Remote-work do’s and don’ts


2020 saw a disruptive change in the notion of workplace as companies all around the world moved to work remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, an advanced acceleration in adoption of new remote-work technology took place which has forever altered the way that companies conceptualise work. As a move towards a hybrid way of working which encompasses both a traditional office as well as remote-work possibilities is now the new reality for many companies, what trends and technologies can support such a move? How should workplaces best position themselves for this new reality? What role do advancements in Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Machine Learning play in this new reality?

Nikki will provide a global analysis of best practices from around the world with a focus on New York and Silicon Valley. She will discuss both the way that workplaces have changed as a result of the global health crisis, as well as identify the issues that companies need to consider as they conceptualise their future workplace, and the role that their workforce will play within this new reality. During her presentation she will look at the changing role and growing potential that drones, service robots, chatbots and artificial intelligence hold as part of the human capital mix, and how mega-tech companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft are considering the future of workplace, workforce and workflow within their own operations. Her keynote will conclude with both future projections, and tangible recommendations on next steps to take to prepare for this techno-centric new reality.

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