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Lisa Copeland

Lisa Copeland

Empowering women to pursue their truest form of success

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  • Awarded Top 100 Women in Automotive Industry in 2015 by Automotive News
  • Named to Board of Directors of Women in Automotive in 2016
  • Served four years on the FCA National Dealer Council
  • Led the first FIAT retailer to break the NAFTA sales record
  • Copeland and FIAT of Austin earned FCA’s highest honor “The Walter P. Chrysler” Award for sales and service excellence

One of the most important faces in the automotive industry, Lisa Copeland is a dedicated pioneer in the field of automotive sales and brand strategy, with over 25 years of proven success. Named among the Top 100 Women in Automotive Industry in 2015 by Automotive News, Copeland has dedicated her career to revolutionizing the automotive industry and through her trailblazing example, empowering women to pursue their truest form of success.

In 2016, Copeland sold her award-winning dealership to pursue her passion for leading a team that is committed to transforming businesses and promote corporate civility and winning cultures. Copeland joined the executive team of EBW2020 as CMO, Empowering a Billion Women by 2020, where she continues her dedication to promote the full economic potential of women across the globe through financial education and technology.

Copeland is also the co-founder of Women Impacting the Nation, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to advancing leadership roles for women. In 2012, the Girl Scouts CTX named her “Women of Distinction,” and as the creator of, she is committed to empowering women consumers.

Copeland served four years on the FCA National Dealer Council and was named one of the Five Most Powerful Women in Austin by the Austin Business Journal in 2012. Copeland and her team were the first FIAT retailer to break the NAFTA sales record by selling more than 100 new FIAT 500’s in one month. That impressive record earned Lisa and her team a visit by FCA Chairman Sergio Marchionne.

In 2015, Copeland and FIAT of Austin earned FCA’s highest honor “The Walter P. Chrysler” Award for sales and service excellence. With passion and expertise in sales and marketing, her success story has been featured in prominent publications including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Marie Claire, and Automotive News. 

Copeland has keynoted at many events including Texas Women’s Conference, Automotive Leadership Round Table, Digital Dealer, NADA, and her personal favorite, the inaugural Women in Automotive Conference in 2015. With extensive knowledge of hiring, training and retaining diverse candidates, Copeland/FIAT of Austin earned recognition as #6 Best Workplace in North America by Automotive News in 2013 and 2015. In 2014, Northwood University named Copeland “Outstanding Business Leader 2014”.

Authentic Leadership: Leading Through Change, Challenge, and Chaos

How do you keep your emerging and established leaders energized and enthusiastic in today’s stressful work environment? How do you help your leaders deal with massive change and uncertainty?

Lisa shares provocative leadership strategies and powerful stories to help your group understand why not taking risks is the biggest business risk of all. In her high-energy interactive presentation, Lisa shares timely concepts and relevant takeaways to help your group:

• Discover the 6 traits that followers crave from their leaders.

–      Self-Awareness-Authentic leaders reflect upon their own actions and weakness without bias.

–      Lead with vision- Authentic leaders lead with purpose and vision.

–      Lead with heart – An authentic leader is all heart.

–      Consistency- Authentic leaders are not fickle and stick to their principles.

–      Integrity- Strength of character is essential for an authentic leader.

–      Focus on long-term results- Authentic leaders focus is always long term.

• Lisa’s Proven Process to “Clarify the vision, Simplify the path, and Execute the plan” with bold risk-taking and flawless follow-through.

• Learn the Language of Leadership – regardless of professional level – to influence and inspire others during the good times and the tough times.

• Experience a rousing call-to-action that will leave participants equipped – and responsible – for their own success.

Crushing it in Business

Copeland is the Co-author of “Crushing Mediocrity” 10 ways to rise above the status quo. She will share with your team how to crush through fear, discover your underlying purpose, stand out and become a change agent for success.

Corporate Culture/ Customer Service

Lisa is an award-winning expert is building high performance cultures. She has won “Best Work Place Awards 2013, 2015 and is a receipt of Chryslers most prestigious award sales and customer service award “Walter P Chrysler”. Copeland believes “It isn’t what you sell, it’s what you stand for.”

Sales and marketing

Lisa is an award winning sales strategist. In this talk she shares insight and strategies based on the bold bet that she made with the CEO of FIAT brand and that her team would break the worlds sales record and deliver 100 new FIAT 500’s in one month. She was the #1 FIAT/Alfa Romeo dealer since the brands reemergence in US market 2011.

Breaking Glass Ceilings

Lisa is a passionate supporter of women organizations. She is an investor in EBW2020 (Empowering a Billion women 2020). In this presentation, she shares how women can break the barriers.

FIAT/Chrysler Automobiles
“Lisa is also an incredible salesperson herself, an excellent manager and a dynamic leader, and what she and her team have achieved at the Fiat of Austin store is unprecedented. There’s no question that Lisa helps inspire the enthusiasm …”
American Statesman
“As a morning keynote speaker for the recent Austin Women’s Conference & Show, Lisa provided a fresh perspective for women navigating today’s business environment. Her years of successful work in the automotive field coupled with her unique viewpoint as an active woman’s advocate, provided our conference attendees a valuable and thought-provoking experience. Lisa’s energy, innovative ideas and captivating communication style make her a stand-out in Austin’s star-studded entrepreneurial community.”
Women's Magazine
“I’ve never seen someone engage an audience like Lisa Copeland. It isn’t easy to get 500+ women to settle down at a luncheon, but Lisa captivated and inspired the crowd from hello. Humor, passion and inspiration are what you can expect from this superb speaker. I would have her keynote all of my events if I could!”
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