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Laura Stack

Laura Stack

The Productivity Pro

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Fee Range: 10000-19999, 20000-39999
  • Inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame in 2015
  • Laura Stack is better known by her moniker, The Productivity Pro, which is the name of the consulting firm she founded in 1992, specializing in business performance, strategy execution, and employee productivity.
  • As a highly regarded keynote speaker and author, Laura shares her vision and methodologies around the globe on creating Maximum Results in Minimum Time®. Using humor and high-energy, she gives entertaining keynote presentations, keynote speeches, seminars, and breakout sessions for leaders, key talent, teams, and sales professionals on improving output, lowering stress, and saving time in the workplace.
  • As a sought-after thought leader, Laura writes on high-performance cultures, human potential, and peak performance in her columns in The Huffington Post, The Business Journal, LinkedIn, Productive, and Time Management Magazines.
  • Best-selling author of eight books by major publishers including Random House, Wiley, and Berrett-Koehler, most recently Faster Together: Accelerating Your Team’s Productivity. Widely regarded as one of the leading experts in the field of human performance and workplace issues, Laura has been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and Forbes magazine.
  • Provides 3rd party influencer services and has acted as a spokesperson for companies such as Fellowes, Oikos, BelVita, Dannon, Day-Timer, Office Depot, Microsoft, 3M, and Xerox. At 21 years old, Laura was the then-youngest MBA graduate at the time from the University of Colorado.
  • 2011-2012 National President, National Speakers Association (NSA). Holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation.
  • Clients include P&G, Wal-Mart, Chevron, Aramark, MillerCoors, Chick-fil-A, Kiewit, Kronos, Cisco Systems, Nationwide, Sunoco, IBM, TimeWarner, Merrill Lynch, Sherwin Williams, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, VISA, CGI, DaVita, and Lockheed Martin.

International Keynote Speaker and bestselling author of six books, Laura Stack, is an expert in Productivity and Performance. Her engaging personality, combined with nearly 25 years of experience helping organizations achieve RESULTS have made her one of the most sought after experts and keynote speakers in her field. Funny, engaging, and full of real life strategies that work, Laura will change mindsets and attitudes so your team can maximize its productivity. Increase market share. Strengthen performance. Foster better leaders. Increase sales. And get the job done right!

What makes her unique? She’s been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and Forbes magazine and has been a spokesperson for Microsoft, Dannon, belVita, 3M, Skillsoft, Office Depot, Day-Timer, Fellowes, and Xerox. Her client list includes top Fortune 500 companies, including Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Aramark, Bank of America, GM, Wells Fargo, and Time Warner, plus government agencies such the United States Air Force Academy, the Census Bureau, the U.S. Senate, and even the IRS. Her books have been published and translated in over 20 countries. And her audiences? Love her as much for her energy as they do the solutions she presents.

On stage, Laura is a powerhouse of ideas, and more importantly, ACTION—and is just what is needed to propel audiences (and organizations) to all new levels.

SUPERCOMPETENT®: Unlocking Exponential Potential

Want to build a team with amazing potential to realize exponential results? Let Motivational Keynote Speaker and Productivity Pro Laura Stack help them all shift into their highest gear (without losing their balance)! Laura’s high performance keynote gives your key talent the time-proven tools and six key components they need to skyrocket their performance levels and unlock their unlimited potential. Ready to put the superconductors in place, take off the brakes, and remove all the obstacles to incredibly high-performance success? Bring Laura in to speak at your meeting—no one can fuel super-performers quite like she can.

What to Do When There’s TOO MUCH to Do: Re-Tooling Time, Energy, and Effectiveness

The truth is there are times when we ALL feel like overwhelmed, inefficient plate-spinners. The solution? Putting the right tools, strategies, and mindsets in place to turn that experience around (and keep it from coming back.) Enter Motivational Keynote Speaker and Productivity Pro Laura Stack! In this action-packed session, Laura uses her step-by-step Productivity Workflow Formula to teach audiences how to invest and re-tool their valuable time. Put their energy into their highest-yielding tasks. Give themselves permission to ditch and delegate time-wasters. Focus on execution and deliver unstoppable results. What do you get? More confident, competent, high-energy, high-efficiency, super-productive contributors and teams…with a bonus: They’re happier. Work better together. Are more creative. Less stressed. The kind of things that make for incredible organizations.

​DOING THE RIGHT THINGS RIGHT: How the Effective Executive Spends Time

As an MBA student, Laura Stack was inspired by Peter Drucker’s classic 1969 book The Effective Executive. But a lot has changed since it was written. And while Drucker’s advice on what to do remains brilliant, he didn’t give much detail on the how. This keynote detailing how today’s leaders and managers can obtain profitable, productive results with their time by managing the intersection of two critical values: effectiveness and efficiency.

Stack identifies twelve practices that will enable leaders to be effective and efficient, grouped into three areas where they spend their time, called 3T Leadership: THINK (Business), TEAM (Employees), and TACTICS (Self). For each practice, Stack offers advice from her 25 years in the trenches, working with thousands of leaders globally. You’ll receive scores of new ideas on how you, your team, and your organization can boost productivity.


What separates an average salesperson from a high-performing salesperson? They spend more time on activities that produce sales and less time on those that don’t. Simple concept? Yes, but difficult to implement in reality, because most traditional sales training doesn’t focus on productivity, and “old school” time management techniques have little application for the salesperson. In this session, you’ll learn “real world” methods to manage your day.

The Seven Daily Habits:

1. Do more of the activities that drive sales (actively selling, prospecting or closing sales).

2. Do fewer non-income producing activities (delegate, automate, reduce).

3. Integrate their various tools seamlessly (sync your in-house CRM, email, handheld, tablet, laptop).

4. Automate administrative activities (manual processing, filing, moving).

5. Maintain flawless organization systems (effective time, email, and information management).

6. Follow-up with impeccable accuracy and predictability (workflow systems that track open loops and pending items).

7. Work efficiently from anywhere (road warriors, mobile office, down time usage).

​YOU CAN BE A PRODUCTIVITY PRO! The Productive Teambuilding Gameshow

Using a funny, fast-paced, game-show format, your audience members will compete over the bragging rights to the title “THE (your meeting here) PRODUCTIVITY PRO!” Using whole-audience techniques and multi-media, everyone will be involved, all the while building stronger teams and learning what it takes to be productive in today’s busy workplaces. You can expect musical instruments, videos, audience interaction, prizes, and attendees up on stage. But it’s not ALL fun and games! Your audience will learn about the Characteristics of a Productivity PRO, so great content is added to the fun—all customized around the performance focus areas YOU want to highlight for your meeting.


Format: 1-3 Hour Presentation

This program is perfect for: Anyone who uses Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Certified Outlook Expert Laura Stack is the Queen of Email Productivity. -You’ll find solutions for some of your most challenging Outlook questions! Come to this session if you’ve ever asked yourself, “What do I do when I…”

  • Already have an appointment on my calendar and someone sends another email related to it. How do I keep from copying/pasting all the time?
  • Want to copy an appointment from one day to another in one click?
  • Update the Start Date on a Task without opening the Task?
  • Have a Task already created, and then I get an email with additional instructions about it. How do I merge the two?
  • See my calendar while I’m in an email, so I don’t have to keep switching back and forth?
  • Am right in the middle of typing an email and promise someone I will do something. How can I make a reminder about that while I’m creating the email so I don’t forget?
  • Have thousands of emails in my inbox (I’ve been using my inbox like a filing cabinet) and am feeling overwhelmed?
  • Want to put an appointment from my calendar directly on to someone else’s calendar without sending a meeting invitation?
  • Sent someone an email and don’t want to forget to follow up or try to remember to get the answer. How can I have the system notify me?
  • Have a question to ask a group of people, and I want them to “vote” without getting a million “Reply All” answers.
  • Want to keep my inbox empty but can’t keep up? I need a new processing methodology and email organizing system!

Laura Stack is better at workflow than 99.9999% of people in the world and is the skill that truly sets her apart from all productivity experts. It requires mastery of email handling, planning, scheduling, project, time, and task management, prioritization, and organization. Workflow is the “secret sauce” that separates ordinary performers from the extraordinary. Having these skills will set you apart from the rest. Your team will function at optimal levels with everyone using the same system.

Laura’s method is bulletproof. Nothing falls through the cracks. Deadlines aren’t missed. Pending items are always resolved. Loops are closed. There is no re-reading, re-thinking, re-processing. Inboxes are empty, and multiple to-do lists are integrated into a single, consolidated system. You’ll sleep well at night, knowing that everything is under control, and you’re on top of everything. Your life will never be the same. Guaranteed.

  • Process your email quickly and track pending items, tasks owed by others, and “waiting for” information.
  • Get your text, emails, Facebook messages, ideas, to-do lists, sticky notes, and meeting notes all into one place.
  • Combine multiple to-do lists into one central, consolidated list, where you can make the best choice in the moment on the best use of your time.
  • Create an organized time management system to help you capture, organize, reference, and execute your highest priorities.
  • Keep track of your action items and don’t let anything fall through the cracks.
  • Conduct daily, weekly, and monthly planning periods to stay on top of projects and tasks coming down the pike.

OPTIONAL: followed by hands-on STACK ATTACK workshop


Everyone knows how to make lists and check things off. You work hard. You know what you should be working on. You want to be productive. But everything else keeps ruining your plans! So many things keep us from doing what we know we should be doing. In this funny, high-energy program, The Productivity Pro® reviews the four main things that suck the productivity right out of you! You’ll discover your biggest productivity sucker and take away some practical tools to defend yourself.


  • Use innovative technology tricks to help you achieve more, maintain focus, and stay organized.
  • Learn concentration techniques from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eminem, and Dug the Talking Dog.
  • Strike a balance between collaboration and interruptions in the workplace.
  • Discover new techniques for maintaining a consistently high energy level during the day.
  • Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Leader Spends Time

Leaders are so overwhelmed trying to balance the day-to-day operational responsibilities of their jobs, as well as find time to work with their teams and think about strategic initiatives, they struggle with time management and life balance. This keynote, based on Laura’s book of the same title, identifies twelve practices that will enable leaders to be effective and efficient, grouped into three areas where leaders spend their time, called 3T Leadership: Strategic Thinking (Business), Teamwork (Employees), and Tactics (Self). For each practice, Stack offers advice from her 25 years in the trenches, working with thousands of leaders globally. You’ll receive scores of new ideas on how you, your team, and your organization can boost productivity.

Accelerating Sales Productivity


Faster Together: Accelerating Your Team's Productivity

There are more roadblocks to productivity today than ever before. Everyone who works deals with countless emails, constant communication, cascading deadlines, and seemingly endless meetings. These can be managed efficiently, or they can be a huge time suck. When you’re surrounded by slow-moving co-workers, you’re stuck in a traffic jam of sorts. What makes the difference isn’t individuals working harder or faster or smarter, but “teaming well.”

You have at your disposal what bestselling author Laura Stack calls “the most powerful productivity machine in existence”: your team. Her FAST model mobilizes teams to be the most effective they can be, while keeping each other’s best interests at heart. Using her model, teams learn to work together Fairly, accept Accountability, apply Systems Thinking, and maximize available Technology. An interactive assessment helps you evaluate your team’s current speed and rate of acceleration.

For your business to win, everyone must contribute. A good team can accomplish more, and more quickly, than any one Lone Ranger. Yes, there are always stars—in sports, Peyton Manning, Mia Hamm, and Stephen Curry come to mind—but they couldn’t do their jobs without the rest of the team doing theirs. By the end of this book, you’ll truly understand the abilities of your team. Team members will ask themselves, “How can I help my team go FASTER TOGETHER?” You’ll work to save everyone else time, and they’ll work to save you time. As Stack puts it, “Team up, don’t slow down!”

So, rev your team’s engines, and you’ll soon be roaring down the track together!


Laura has added a group assessment for sales, leadership, and association meetings. The results provide insightful data for Laura and fun for the audience!

There is an additional cost for this.

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