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Joe Courtney

Joe Courtney

Elevate your game to be your best

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Fee Range: 10000-19999
  • Best-selling Author
  • TV Analyst
  • Built 40 Million Dollar Real Estate & Design Build Business
  • In The Movie Space Jam (SAG Member)
  • NBA Player on World Championship Team
  • Keynote Speaker


  • Experienced Celebrity Keynote Speaker
  • Dynamic speech with slightly Customized message to fit the audience
  • Best Selling Author in Business and Money
  • Unique Profile: Standing 6’9” tall NBA player to business success.
  • Impactful Speaker: Joe’s speeches draws all types of emotion
  • Endorsed by some of the top achievers in the
  • Played on an NBA Championship team and multiple NBA teams
  • Successful Business Owner: Turned startup company into a 40 Million + dollar company in 4-1/2 years
  • Spoken in Arenas to Over 20,000 + People at one time.

Best selling author Joe Courtney is a transformation, teamwork and peak performance expert, who shares with organizations and audiences how he went from picking up a basketball his 10th grade year in high school to 71/2 years later playing his way onto the world champion Chicago Bulls and a 10 year professional basketball career. Joe reveals how he used the secrets from his journey to build a 40+ million dollar real estate and design build business 4 years after retiring from pro sports.

After having success in 2 different industries Joe speaks and shares his system of success with the world by training some of the top companies in the US, up to audiences of over 20,000. Joe is now a global speaker, trainer and coach that loves to impact organizations and gets amazing feedback and results. Joe lives in Arizona with his wife Lee, son and 2 dogs Porshe and Tinker bell.

Winning Culture: Success DNA

Championship teams and Elite companies & organizations have one thing in Common… WINNING CULTURE. This fixes a multitude of issues while creating a unified organization focused on Winning.

Who is your company? Better yet who is your company to your customer? A company, group or organization should have an embedded state of being that is present when you’re not there. It consists of a specific formula that is throughout the organization from top to bottom. Joe teaches this formula and shares from his days playing on a world championship team and how he took this core concept and  created a culture in his own company that lead to 40+ million dollars in under 5 years.

There are a few keys that create the formula to a winning culture. In this section Joe shares these keys and emphasizes the importance of them to the companies success.

1. Vision is what locks in an individual to an organization and as a leader being able to clearly cast the vision clearly creates a powerful connection and loyalty.

2. Code: A code that includes operations and ethics provides an actionable structure to the culture as well as the daily methods of operation. But it’s important to help the member understand why the code is important is important iso they will be inspired to follow.

3. Accountability to Results: Focusing on Results provides clarity. All actions should provide the results with the customer experience as a top priority.

4. Power of the assist. This is all about helping others to succeed through influence. So many employees or group members ton’t feel like they matter and because of this they don’t give their all on an everyday basis which results in poor performance and moral.

Today, an unbelievable four different generations are sharing the workplace today – Traditional Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials. With each generation having its own culture and beliefs how do you successfully manage each one so that you are able to optimize their performance but also addressing their differences? The answer is crucial to your organization’s culture and long-term strategic success.

In this program, best-selling author Joe Courtney, shares his research and insights into the four generations motivations, differences, and communication styles. You will learn how organizations across various industries are thriving with a multigenerational workforce. And you’ll gain specific actionable strategies to manage your cross-generational challenges and turn your multigenerational workforce into a competitive advantage.

Above the Rim

This is all about Peak Performance and how to elevate your game to be your best so you can close the deals. Your group will be empowered to own the space they occupy and as a result everything they touch will soar!

  • Learn to take your team’s Sales and Leadership performance to the next level
  • What you have to do first in order to make a change
  • What to expect on your success journey so that you can be prepared
  • Acknowledge your limits and what you need to improve on
  • Setting up Systems of Accountability
  • Getting out of Neutral and Taking Action!
Expose the Thief

POWERFUL TRANSFORMATION! Once your group has heard this presentation they will never be the same! It exposes the little voice in your head and how it came to be. Connect with your Organization & Empower leaders.

  • Expose your barriers and find out where they came from
  • Identify who’s performance you are affecting as a result of of the thief
  • The power of understanding that others in your organization have a thief also
  • Using communication to motivate and empower your team
  • Focus on the customer
  • Leading using results to combat negative thoughts about performance
Beyond the Rim

Create  powerful LEADERSHIP  built on Teamwork and Results! Each member of your organization becomes a leader no matter what their position. Shift the focus to creating legacy where your customer will be raving!

  • Importance of Empowering others
  • Your role in the Cycle of Success
  • Mentorship
  • Creating a winning culture
  • Leading by Influence vs Dictatorship
  • Your Legacy
Breakout Session Available
“Joe Courtney recently delivered the kickoff keynote for our annual conference and he was the right choice. He commanded the room from opening to close and brought optimism and energy to his delivery. Joe is the real deal!”
" Joe’s keynote was a great blend of practical, real life experience that allowed the team to more easily recognize and relate to their own opportunities for success. Our team walked away with great insight and actionable guide posts! "
"Joe gave a fantastic presentation at our Area Sales Rally. My team specially enjoyed your past stories and how you wove the basic business theories into our daily routines at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage"
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