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Jack Mackey

Jack Mackey

Leadership, Teamwork & Customer Loyalty Expert

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Fee Range: 5000-9999, 10000-19999
  • Leadership, Teamwork & Customer Loyalty Expert
  • Former Chief Evangelist Service Management Group (SMG)

As Chief Evangelist at Service Management Group (SMG) for 14 years, Jack turbo-charged SMG to become one of the world’s premier customer experience insight firms. Today he serves with Mark Sanborn, Simon Bailey and Colleen Stanley on the management training faculty at Crestcom International, developing leaders globally.

Jack’s top-rated keynote speech, “What Customers Love: what every leader must know and do well,” teaches managers what it takes to win loyalty and grow a service business. His program “Scale Up Your Leadership: how to galvanize your people,” helps corporations and associations increase discretionary effort, teamwork and retention.

Participants in Jack’s leadership workshop, “Chart Your Course to Loyalty Leadership,” grasp what it takes to build the customer-preferred local brand: how to measure, analyze and act on customer feedback, nurture a contagious culture of service and develop an effective customer experience strategy that is profitable and sustainable.

Jack’s helped companies drive organic growth in every kind of service-based business. His keynote speeches and workshops brim with actionable customer insights, entertaining real-life examples and laugh-out-loud humor. Jack is best-known for infecting leaders with a spirit of creative discontent and stimulating record-breaking results for clients.

What Customers Love: What Every Leader Must Know And Do Well

This program is perfect for:
• Leaders in corporate and franchise companies
• Entrepreneurs and business owners
• Association and non-profit leaders

“What Customers Love” reveals what leaders must know and do well to win in today’s experience economy. Get proven-to-work customer experience strategies that win loyalty, referrals and growth.

The audience will take away

  • What most leaders don’t know: why the absence of loyalty is the greatest inhibitor of growth; why even satisfied customers defect and how to stop losing your most valuable customers.
  • When will superior customer experience – not price or product – drive loyalty and growth? It’s here now.
  • You can market all you like, but people believe what they experience and what their friends experience.
  • Fresh ideas to instill authentic empathy and hospitality into your customer experience.
  • How leaders differentiate from competitors in ways they can’t copy.

Examples of customized versions of What Customers Love:
How to Instill Customer Loyalty in a Mature Industry
How to Optimize Your Marketing Through Your Employees
Creating More Loyalty-Inspiring Customer Experiences
You can market all you want, but people believe what they experience
What Drives Loyalty and Growth?

Scale Up Your Leadership: How To Galvanize Your People

This program is ideal for:

  • Leaders in corporate and franchise companies
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Association and non-profit leaders

How can expect our customers to love us, if our employees don’t? In Scale up your leadership: How to galvanize your people, the audience will takeaway new approaches team member engagement

  • All business is personal; it goes where its invited and stays where its appreciated
  • Where customer love starts and what leaders can-and must-do to ratchet up
  • Three ways an effective employee loyalty strategy improves financial results
  • Social media exposes the gap between what companies promise employees versus deliver
  • What drives the way people think, feel and act – insights to unleash passionate engagement
Chart Your Course To Loyalty Leadership

This program is a breakout session designed to accompany Jack’s keynote on What Customers Love. It is targeted to the needs of:

  • Leaders in corporate and franchise companies
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Association and non-profit leaders

“Charting your course to loyalty leadership” helps leaders tailor the ideas from Jack’s keynote speech to apply in their own environment as an additional benefit of attending your conference.

  • Nurture a contagious culture of service: If you can’t sell it on the inside, you’ll never sell it on the outside.
  • Each participant receives bonus summary: Great Place to Work Assessment
  • Develop an effective customer experience strategy: Greatness is achieved when customers say we’re great.
  • Bonus self-assessment: Leadership in Service-Based Organizations.
  • Measure, analyze and act on customer feedback: Energy goes where attention flows.
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