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Alden Mills

Alden Mills

To lead is to serve—and to serve is to care.”

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Alden grew up on a small farm, in a small town in central Massachusetts. His first dream was to graduate from the United States Naval Academy and attended Navy SEAL training.

He became a nationally-recognized rower—as a gold medalist in the Olympic Festival, then as Captain of the freshman and varsity teams at the US Naval Academy. Then he served with distinction as a Navy SEAL platoon commander no less than three times. And after his time as a Navy SEAL, Alden became an entrepreneur, leading his first company to over $95 million in sales in just three years, becoming an Inc. 500 CEO.

How did he do it all? Through persistence. That’s right, Alden learned that if he could become fully committed to driving change each and every day, he would achieve significantly better outcomes. Alden was particularly persistent about learning from his failures.

Alden has codified his most successful leadership practices in a framework called C.A.R.E.—detailed in his latest book, Unstoppable Teams: The Four Essential Actions of High-Performance Leadership.

Connect, and you’ll build trust.
Achieve more, and you’ll create direction.
Respect others, and you’ll build an environment of continuous contributions.
Empower others, and you’ll create ownership within your team.

To no one’s surprise, Alden’s motto is, “To lead is to serve—and to serve is to care.” He believes success is available to everyone, not just a chosen few. And he believes that your potential is much greater than you know.


With over 40 years of experience overcoming challenges in business and life, Alden Mills brings a unique perspective on what it means to be unstoppable at accomplishing more than was thought possible. We all have natural obstacles in our path. When we learn to conquer those obstacles, we realize that our biggest obstacle is our mindset. The challenge is understanding how to harness the very things we can control to help us find the success we seek.

This keynote dives into the key differentiator of success stopping us from reaching and surpassing potential — an Unstoppable Mindset. Alden weaves together riveting stories, inspiration, and practical tools to teach the Mindset Fundamentals to become unstoppable, regardless of industry, environment, or situation. Much more than just a motivational experience, he shares a system that enables people to tackle tough challenges, use change to their advantage, and seize bold opportunities time and time again.


Winning seldom comes easily, and success oftentimes feels mysterious. Is there something that sets apart those who seem to always accomplish what they set out to do from the people who never reach their potential? In this riveting keynote, Alden Mills dives into the differentiator–an Unstoppable Mindset. A business leader and three-time Navy SEAL platoon commander, Alden weaves fresh stories, inspiration, and practical tools–like his Focus Funnel–together to teach people how to become Unstoppable, no matter the time or circumstance. Alden shares the heart of his approach, the Mindset Map, and teaches the three interlocking actions that must occur to be Unstoppable. Audiences will walk away with newfound inspiration and actionable tools to apply to work and life.


As Alden Mills advanced from personal success to leading teams in sports, military, business, and nonprofits, he learned group success is determined by a leader’s ability to build and lead teams. Whether a team is formed remotely or in-person, by mandate or inheritance, formally or organically, team leaders exist to bridge the gap between the outcomes sought and the team that can achieve them.

This keynote explores the universal leadership essentials to build high-performing Unstoppable Teams that continuously surpass what they set out to achieve. Alden demonstrates how leaders can drive greater alignment, trust, and outsized contributions. He shares the five phases of unstoppable team development and the key actions to implement each phase. Using his C.A.R.E. Loop, he provides a roadmap to activate and effectively turn groups of individuals into Unstoppable Teams.


In today’s hard-charging world, success is determined by the ability to build and lead teams. Teams may form remotely or in person, by mandate or inheritance. Unstoppable Team formations go through five phases yet very few get past the second phase. Alden Mills knows about building and leading Unstoppable Teams because he has been a part of them in sports, military, business, and nonprofits. He was the CEO of the fastest-growing consumer products company in America, and a #1-ranked Navy SEAL platoon commander, a nationally recognized rower and community leader. He has distilled his learned team building into a new framework called C.A.R.E. which provides a roadmap to leaders on how to turn groups of individuals into Unstoppable Teams.

Audiences will learn the five phases of Unstoppable Team development and will walk away with key actions to implement each phase. They’ll learn how to activate the 10x-Advantage, how to stimulate individual contribution, and how to effectively empower people. Alden draws from his treasure chest of real-life experiences to create a lasting experience for audiences.


Following the initial success of Perfect Fitness, Alden Mills and his team lost their way. Laser-focused on growth and profit, the company began to falter. To get back on track and ensure ongoing success, they regrouped and established a prominent culture.

This keynote details how stakeholders in senior leadership and human resources build an Unstoppable Culture to drive lasting employee engagement, competitive advantage, and outsized growth. Through personal stories, checklists, and live exercises, Alden shows how to close culture gaps by building intentional structure, dynamic practices, and congruent values that leaders and teams apply together — day after day, week after week. Attendees learn the behaviors and tools that create an Unstoppable Culture by embedding the three Ps–Promise, People, and Process – a practical three-part framework to close the gap between an organization’s existing culture and activating what he calls the 10x Advantage to create an Unstoppable Culture.


A vibrant, innovative, sustainable culture doesn’t happen by accident. It’s built through intentional structure, dynamic practices, and congruent values that leaders and teams apply together–day by day, and week by week. Alden Mills–business leader and Navy SEAL–has distilled the best practices of Unstoppable Culture into a three-part framework that can be used to close the gap between teams’ existing culture and their needed culture. Audiences will learn the three essential components of culture and the code to interlock the three culture components to form an Unstoppable Culture. He uses personal stories, checklists, and live exercises to teach participants how to build their culture into an Unstoppable one. Participants will gain new insights, behaviors, and tools to help them build an Unstoppable Culture–with all the growth and outsized outcomes that come with it.

Virtual presentations available

Alden takes audiences through his new 6 essential actions for thriving in a quarantine. (He knows quarantines, having spent 50 days on a submarine waiting to lead his SEALS on a mission. And that’s just 1 example! He also shares stories from quarantining with his wife and 4 teenage boys. It features the acronym, R.E.M.O.T.E.

This new offering has been instantly popular with several of Alden’s audiences who a.) have had to reschedule in-person events, or b.) are suffering and could use a more affordable shot-in-the-arm about how to thrive in uncertain times. Alden has delivered it live or recorded, just audio or video with visuals by famed illustrator Dan Roam.

“Absolutely incredible! Alden’s ability to connect with our leaders and our business was truly inspiring and exactly what we needed.”
Optiv Cybersecurity Solutions
“An unforgettable presentation. Alden, you read the room just right and delivered the perfect closing keynote to our people. Your remarkable ability to tell stories that made the audience feel like they were experiencing it first-hand, plus your frameworks for success, made this the best keynote I've witnessed in years. So many came up afterward to say they were changed by what just happened on stage. You helped make our conference a tremendous success and I'm grateful for it.”
Lennox International
“We hired Alden to be our closing keynote for Lennox LIVE 18, a tour that spanned four cities for our dealers across North America. He was thoughtful, entertaining, inspirational, and the best speaker we’ve ever had. He takes the time to tailor the message to our needs and the needs of our audience. We were very fortunate to have Alden speak to our customers and leave a lasting impression that was representative of our company and our brand.”
State Farm
“Outstanding! Alden spoke to our leadership team at a time when inspiration and drive were imperative. His ability to transfer the discipline of being a Seal and that of the entrepreneur was AMAZING! He did an unbelievable job in preparing everyone to roll up their sleeves and charge through the remainder of the year with absolute commitment. I would highly recommend Alden to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level!”
ENTELEC Association
“Alden Mills is completely entertaining and captivating. He had our entire audience entranced by his amazing stories, all the while we were learning something about ourselves. I came away inspired to achieve, motivated to serve, and energized for the next great challenge.”
Lennox International
Alden Mills is completely entertaining and captivating. He had our entire audience entranced by his amazing stories, all the while we were learning something about ourselves. I came away inspired to achieve, motivated to serve, and energized for the next great challenge.”
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