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Stacey Flowers

Stacey Flowers

TEDx Talk Speaker, Entrepreneur And Eternal Optimist

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Stacey Flowers is a TEDx Talk speaker, entrepreneur and eternal optimist dedicated to helping women create authentic, fulfilled happy lives. She’s been named, The Next Global Leader for her generation and listed #1 on the Top 10 List of Female Motivational Speakers.

Known as “the mentor in your head” because of her refreshing, authentic approach to connect with audiences everywhere, Stacey has a unique ability to educate, empower and inspire audiences worldwide. She believes self-development is the greatest worldchanging tool on the planet and everyone can benefit from it.

Stacey holds a bachelors in Paralegal Studies from the College of Saint Mary and a masters in Human Resources from Loyola University Chicago. Her greatest joy has been raising her 17-year-old son.


P.O.W.E.R.— is at the core of our ability to create real success and happiness. In today’s ever-changing, always-connected, comparison centric—world, our need for personal power is more important than ever. The solution is to practice the five key performance drivers that toughen our minds against adversity, ignite our potential, and rewire our lives for success and happiness. With her captivating storytelling and sharp intellect, Stacey Flowers will teach us how to transform our mindset to focus on the results we have the P.O.W.E.R. to produce rather than the outcomes that are out of our control.

Create Real Happiness

When I’m compelling audiences to shift their mindset in business and life I do it with the intent to bring out a deeper level of fulfillment, success, and happiness.

I work best with meeting planners and conference hosts who want a speaker who will engage with audience members before, during and after the event.

Conference developers who are committed to the professional development and personal growth of their attendees.

Additional keynote topics include:
  • Professional Development
  • Personal Growth
  • Wellness
  • Entrepreneurship
Virtual presentation available

There are a couple of options for her virtual experience. If your client wants an “at home” feel, she can film it in her home with one camera. Or, she also has a studio and production team that she works with that has multiple cameras to capture various angles, etc.

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