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Anusha Wijeyakumar

Empowering People to Live Their Best Lives Through Self-Care Practices

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  • Founder of Shanti Within, a holistic wellness organization
  • Health and Wellness Speaker
  • Woman in STEM
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Anusha Wijeyakumar is the Founder of Shanti Within, a holistic wellness organization based in California. Anusha comes from a fast-paced corporate environment and has over 15 years of international senior management experience working for Fortune 50, 100, and 500 global corporations, charitable organizations & private companies in three continents. With experience coaching, mentoring, and training people across North America and the UK, Anusha brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to her clients and business.

Anusha is a sought-after motivational speaker around the world on the science of mindfulness and meditation. She has delivered keynote speeches for executives at Fortune 500 companies and top-ranked Universities across North America and the UK. Anusha is also the Wellness Consultant for leading Hospitals and Institutes in California where she is actively engaged in championing mindfulness and meditation practices for maternal mental health programs, early risk assessment for breast & ovarian cancer prevention programs, and breast cancer survivorship programs. Anusha is one of the first people to create a meditation program to be used in clinical research at Hoag Hospital. Health and wellbeing are at the forefront of all that Anusha does and empowering people to live their best lives through self-care practices, which enhances their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Anusha leads Yoga workshops across the USA and internationally and is part of the teaching faculty of a number of Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training Courses across Southern California. She combines her commitment to health and wellbeing alongside her professional business experience, to create a tailored program of assisting her clients and patients towards managing stress in the workplace, developing personal resilience, and cultivating a healthy body and mind.


Learn the science of meditation and mindfulness and how you can find balance in your mind to find balance in your role at work. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the constant to-do list and the ongoing pressures of life and work, mindfulness and meditation practices are the perfect antidotes. This presentation will offer an introduction as to what meditati on is, how you can practice it and the science behind how and why these practices work. You will leave having learnt some simple breath work and mindfulness exercises that can help you in your daily life at work towards a calmer and more balanced self.


Communication is key to success in the workplace. This presentation will explore how stress and anxiety in the workplace affects our productivity and what our triggers and reactions are to these stressful situations. It will also explore communication styles and how to communicate effectively with colleagues and management to get the desired results you require. Learn ways through mindfulness and meditation practices of how you can become your most balanced self and explore new ways of communicating that will aid you on your journey towards a calmer and more centered colleague and leader.


Cleansing the mind is just as important as cleansing our bodies. This presentation will enable you to learn ways in which you will be able to detox your mind through the art of meditation and mindfulness practices. De-clutter your mind of emotions and old thought patterns that no longer serve you in the workplace. Become unchained from your story and learn to embrace finding new ways of thinking, fully opening yourself up to the present moment. See how these tools can impact upon your productivity in the workplace, enabling you to become your best self and deliver the results required in your role from a place of balance and ease.

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