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Welcome To Our New Site

Welcome to Our New Site

We are thrilled you have come to our new site and we hope you have had a chance to look around. If you have ever created a website you know its a labor of love. We found ourselves analyzing every word, font, color, photo and period while knowing in the back of our heads that the most critical eye will be our own. You probably won’t care if our font is a 14 or 15 or if we are wearing blue or turquoise, but we do hope you notice the love we have for speakers and for our company.  We have been blessed to have grown our team to a total of 10 women who are extraordinary, smart, passionate about speakers and their clients,resourceful and fun. We are proud to have them represent The Speaker Exchange and hope you will visit our About Us page to meet them.  We also have updated our site so that we control the content for each speaker on the site. You might see less speakers to start, but we will be continuously adding and controlling exactly who is on our site, when previously we subscribed to a service which gave us a large number of speakers but very little control.  We can book virtually any speaker on the circuit, but please bear with us as we work hard to put meaningful information from our speakers on our site. If you don’t find who you are looking for, give us a call or shoot us an email! We’ll send the information  you need right over to you.  We hope you enjoy our new site and come back often! We look forward to serving you. 

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