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Joseph Barnes

Joseph Barnes

Safety and Leadership speaker

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  • Served on the Houston Independent School District Principals Advisory Council
  • Served as the Captain of the Blackstar US National Karate Team
  • Served on Chuck Norris’ Kick Drugs Out of America instructor team.
  • Responded as the Strike Force 8 Lead Paramedic to hurricanes Katrina and Rita
  • Lead organizations to significant safety culture shifts
  • Was the initial treating paramedic for his wife when she suffered a brain aneurysm and 4 subsequent strokes.
  • Walked away from a multi-million-dollar business when a daughter’s tragedy turned the family’s life upside down.
  • Became homeless in 2010
  • Returned from being homeless in 2011.
  • Served as a Paramedic in a secret transition-holding facility for immigrant children crossing the border alone.
  • Inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success in 2015
  • Admitted to St. Mary’s University School of Law in 2016

Joseph Barnes has a Master of Science degree in Occupational Safety and Health as well as an MBA in Management. He is an Authorized OSHA Outreach Instructor in General Industry as well as Construction. He has earned the Certified Safety and Health Official and Certified EMS Instructor classifications. He regularly provides written opinion and testimony in legal cases around the country.

Early in his career he was recruited from the Blackstar US National Karate Team by the Chuck Norris organization Kick Drugs Out of America. In this position he was tasked with teaching leadership and life skills to at-risk inner-city youth. In 2010 he was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. In 2015 he was inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success.

He received the Gold Safety Award from the Association of Energy Service Companies in 2016 and 2017. In 2015, Mr. Barnes was recognized by Zurich International as the Most Improved Safety Program. He actively serves as the Director of Safety and Health for an oil field services company and sits on the advisory board for the National STEPS program.

What 6 Daughters taught me about Life and Leadership

This discussion is an intimate and humorous look at leadership and social influences. Participants get a look at a father as he relates to 6 daughters. Like no other time in America has there been a greater challenge to be a strong father and steadfast leader. Every stage in life has relevant and specific lessons we can take from the kitchen table to the board room. With daughters from 1 year to 27 years old, Mr. Barnes has learned that every interaction is different, but the focus is always the same; embrace the issue, listen, listen, listen…then we can grow as a team

Behavioral Based Safety…Why results don’t always meet expectations

It seems that in every industry the catch phrase, Behavior Based Safety (BBS), is the common fabric. But how can the nuclear power plant have the same program as the local plumbing company? The answer…they don’t. In this innovative look at BBS, Mr. Barnes explores what drives behavior in industry. Safety bonuses and committees don’t seem to change culture. So what does?

Peanut Head

The greatest man I ever knew we called Peanut Head; why? Because he thought it was funny. My grandfather was the strongest man and influencer in my life. He was steadfast, funny, stern with a smile and truly loved by his family. To me…he was the world. He taught me to define myself. Listen. Face challenges. To be fearless. Embrace loss. Navigate through negative thinking and to laugh at myself.

I learned what work really looked like, how to speak to people, to respect myself, build relationships, to face problems head on and that leaders don’t run but are allowed to step back and regroup. Strategy, control, planning and selecting the right man for the job is an art. This heartfelt look at how leaders are built will have participants giggling, maybe tear up a little, but will emphasize that there is a framework to build a leader. The difference in approach is in the definition.

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